Necoho, the Doubter

Necoho the Doubter is the Chaos God of the opposition to religion itself.[1a]


Necoho's Chaotic nature manifests itself in a contradiction which should logically make his existence impossible: he is a deity who stands against the whole idea of gods and religion. Needless to say, this means that his following is extremely small, even for an obscure Renegade Chaos God, and his name is only found in the oldest and most obscure of forbidden tomes. No doubt, this is the way Necoho likes it. As might be expected, Necoho almost never manifests himself in the physical world; but if he would, he would take the form of a short slightly plump old Human man, with a permanent expression of ironic amusement.[1a]


Necoho has no known symbol.[1a]


As far as is known, Bolgasgrad is the only place in the whole of the Old World where Necoho is worshipped.[1a]


As far as is known, the Temple of the Ancient Allies in Bolgasgrad is the only one. Certainly it seems (from what little is known) that Necoho is as opposed to the idea of temples as he is to the idea of deities.[1a]

Friends And Enemies

Necoho is generally opposed to all other cults of all kinds, although it is suspected that from time to time he may help one cult or hinder another if doing so would undermine the cult's credibility or status among its mortal followers.[1a]

Holy Days

None. Every day is equally non-holy in Necoho's eyes.[1a]

Cult Requirements and Strictures

Necoho requires nothing from his followers; indeed, it sometimes seems that he would rather not have any at all.[1a]


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