Navigators have the critically important task of getting a ship where it is supposed to go. Old World Navigators typically use charts to set their course, though they are often also capable of navigating by sun and stars. Navigators know the secrets of wind and tide, which makes them seem somewhat mystical to their sailor brethren and they are often regarded as a breed apart. Navigators are, by necessity, cartographers, charting the course of their voyages so that they may retrace them or that others may follow their route. As there are no compasses in the world, all ships employ a skilled Navigator, as do some overland expeditions.[1a]


Navigation is a solitary occupation—while undergoing a voyage, most sailors leave navigators alone, afraid to distract them and thus risk the ship’s safety. Perhaps because of this, when ashore, navigators seek out their fellows as much as possible, revelling in camaraderie whenever available. This inclination also makes navigators eager to join any suitable organisation, as such groups give them a good opportunity to gather and meet like-minded individuals.[2a]


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