"Nakai earned his epithet due to his solitary nature, for instead of pledging himself to a single temple-city, he goes wherever the Great Plan deems it necessary – whenever the Lizardmen are in dire need; when catastrophe threatens their existence. He is revered by the Skinks, who adorn him with tokens of his many battles fought in preservation of his race and the furtherance of the Great Plan."
—The Wanderer.[5]
Nakai the Spirit
The eldest and greatest of the Kroxigor.
Species Kroxigor
Temple-City Tlanxla

The ancient Kroxigor known as Nakai the Wanderer is a revered creature, regarded by Skink Priests as a powerful jungle-spirit made manifest. He is a mighty protector of the Lizardmen and can appear anywhere during times of need.[1a]


Nakai is one of the last Kroxigor of the legendary First Spawning. Originally home at Tlanxla, he was left masterless after the city's destruction during the Great Catastrophe. Since then, Nakai has not pledged himself to a single city, instead wandering where the Great Plan deems his presence necessary. He famously appeared at the Defence of Itza during the Great Catastrophe, during which he slew so many daemons at the Bridge of the Stars that the entities of chaos fear to tread this place even today. After spending several thousand years asleep, he rose again during the Rise of Sotek. He wreaked havoc at the Red Fields and was nearly brought down after a fever concocted by Clan Pestilens gripped him. He was saved by several Skink Priests.[3a] At Oyxl, he defeated the armies of Luthor Harkon in 930 IC.

His presence is a tangible portent that a battle of great import is about to take place. In the aftermath of such major events, the Skink Priests treat Nakai with deference, adorning his massive, battle-scarred body with ceremonial tokens. Over the millennia of victories, Nakai has become quite festooned with such golden tributes.[1a]


  • Nakai the Wanderer
  • Nakai in combat.


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