Naieth the Prophetess

Naieth the Prophetess is skilled in the arcane art of divination. Only a select band of mages know this secret lore. By means of divining rods cut from magical trees they are able to 'feel' the flow of magic deep within the ground. When they find a point at which the magic rises towards the surface they instruct their kindred to set a great stone in that place; carved with arcane spirals, to direct the flow of magic.[1a]

In this way the Wood Elf mages have created a web of magical protection around the Forest of Loren. Changes in the flow of magic can be detected using the divining rods and used to predict impending danger or the presence of intruders in the forest. Naieth has become so adept at interpreting these signs that she is know throughout Loren as The Prophetess.[1a]

Whereas other mages study the ways of the elements, trees and beasts, Naieth has devoted herself to the arts of divination. Although there are mightier mages with greater power upon the battlefield, Naieth will sometimes accompany the Wood Elf host to battle using her unique and subtle skills to help her kindred.[1a]

Magic Items

  • The Rod of Divination: Naieth carries a long rod which is made of the willow twigs of many magical trees and entwined tightly together. Wherever this rod is thrust into the ground it has the power to tap the flow of magic and draw it to the surface. Naieth can use this power herself or direct it towards any other Wood Elf mage so that they can use it.[1a]
  • Othu the Owl: Naieth is always accompanied by her faithful companion Othu the Owl. When not flying around the battlefield Othu rests on Naieth's wrist. Naieth is able to understand the owl's twitterings and knows how to interpret his strange wisdom. It is said that many of her inspired prophecies indeed come from the owl, for Othu is all-seeing and all-wise. In battle Naieth sends Othu to swoop low over the battlefield where he will see where the fighting is fiercest and the danger the greatest. Sometimes Othu will perch upon the standard of a regiment or the shoulder of its leader. This is seen as an omen of good luck by the Wood Elves. A unit of Wood Elves favoured by the owl seems to gain from the bird's uncanny sureness of sight and are more likely to shoot straight![1a]


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