Nadia Uneska Voreskova was born and raised in the north of Kislev, not far from the River Lynsk. Her family was nomadic, like most of the Kislevites in that region, and wandered from place to place seeking pastures for their herds and food for themselves. It was a difficult existence, and Nadia grew up strong and stern like her kin. When she was old enough, she married a man from a neighbouring tribe and went to live with his family.[1a]

Their first child was a little girl, Katya. On her tenth birthday Nadia took her to the nearest village for the winter equinox celebration, and presented her to the local ice witch. The witch saw no sign of magic within Katya – but did discover a powerful spark in Nadia. Ice witches are required to apprentice any Kislev female they find with the gift, and so Nadia was told to leave her family behind. She refused. The local ice witch, unaccustomed to disobedience, insisted. When Nadia still refused, the witch attempted to coerce her with magic. With pure instinct Nadia fought back and defeated the witch, turning her instantly to ice. Frightened, Nadia took her daughter and fled back to her husband and their tribe.[1a]

When the ice witches heard what had happened, they dispatched another to investigate. The ice witch they sent, Madhyana Terleska, was old, powerful, and accustomed to having her own way. She ascertained that Nadia had defeated the ice witch in fair magical battle and sought the woman out, assuring her that she would not be punished. However, Madhyana insisted Nadia travel to the nearest surviving ice witch for proper training. Again, Nadia refused. Nothing Madhyana said could sway her, and finally the old ice witch surprised even herself by offering a new solution. She joined Nadia's tribe and trained the woman herself.[1a]

Under Madhyana's tutelage Nadia quickly mastered the Ice Magic, but she refused to follow the traditional path of the ice maiden – she would not under any circumstances abandon her husband, her children, or her tribe. In the end, Madhyana was forced to admit that Nadia was a full-fledged ice witch and departed, half impressed and half afraid. Since then Nadia has done her best to reconcile her two identities, and uses her magic to protect her tribe and the northern edge of Kislev. She refuses to leave them even to travel to one of the annual ice witch gatherings.[1a]


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