"I'll tell you for why we have wheels on our houses: it's because no-one likes to hear the cold truth of Morr a-coming, and if there's one thing for sure, Morr is always a-coming. So, it ain't because we're cheaters, but because we are honest folk."
Honest Chupra, Strigany Pedlar[2a]
Border Princes Mystic

A Mystic of the Border Princes

Mystics are individuals who are paid to divine the future or tell fortunes. In the Old World, the future is unpredictable, and holds the possibility of great peril. The appeal of the mystic is clear. However, most self-proclaimed fortune tellers are simply observant and intuitive, able to give their customers just enough specificity for satisfaction, but not so much as to seem unbelievable.[2a] Some, however, possess some sort of supernatural.[1a]

In Reikland, many mystics are members of the Strigany, wandering from community to community in caravans. These fortune tellers regularly use palmistry or cartomancy. Wood Elven mystics are more likely to observe natural phenomena to divine the future. The great religious cults also have their own fortune tellers, who divine the future through the lens of their theology.[2a] In the Border Princes, many mystics are former Anchorites or Cenobites who no longer wish to keep their wisdom (or whatever it is) to themselves. In the Border Princes, many monasteries are led by mystics.[1a]

In the Empire, mystics are sometimes the victims of Witch Hunters. Thus, they must continually move from place to place without gaining the attention of the authorities.[2a]


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