Myrmidia at the Tree of Hope

The paint has faded on this fascinating piece of art history, known as Myrmidia at the Tree of Hope. The fresco, painted by Leonardo da Miragliano, is based on an earlier painting by the crusading Tilean Merchant Prince Giovanni Lanfranchi of Remas, a highly skilled artist and devoted theologian 500 years before Miragliano's time. The Lanfranchi originals are lost, but it's believed that Miragliano copied Myrmidia at the Tree of Hope from one panel of the triptych. The content of the other two panels is unknown, but research reveals one of the panels depicts Sigmar's vision at the Tree of Hope. In truth, Tilean art historians have suppressed evidence that suggests Myrmidia's apotheosis shares any similarities with Sigmar's.[1a]

The fresco still remains within the Temple of Myrmidia in Wurtbad, Stirland.[1a]


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