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The Lord of Shadows.[1]

A vampire lord of subtle but immense power, Mundvard had ruled Marienburg's underworld for over four centuries as the Lord of Shadows.[1]


Known to the people of the city only as the Lord of Shadows, Mundvard had been buying loyalties and manipulating fates for so long that half of the cityport danced to his tune. Mundvard was present during Mannfred’s invasion of 2133 IC, but after the von Carstein’s mishandling of the Reiklander counter-attack, he went to ground and was not seen openly again until the End Times, with arrival of the Glottkin at the gates of Marienberg. Their invasion forced him out of hiding, and hence invited his slow but potent wrath.[1a]

With the city's Human garrisons proving inneffective against the plague-ridden hordes, Mundvard was forced to cast aside all pretense and secrecy. He raised an Undead force to try and repel the Nurglite forces. Despite a fierce battle, they failed.[1]

Forced to report this failure to the newly returned Vlad von Carstein, Mundvard then accompanied the von Carstein patriarch to Altdorf to once again confront the forces of the plague god. At Altdorf the vampire lord once again battled the Glottkin, seeking revenge for the loss of his beloved port city. His necromantic power infused his pet Terrorgheist, the Suiddock Beast, and it nearly overcame the trio. At the last moment, however, the sorcerer Ethrac Glott managed to cast a spell that destroyed Mundvard entirely...[1]


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