"Malice personified, a Haunter never knows relief from its manic, all-consuming hunger."
The dreaded Mournghul Haunters.[1]

Mourngul Haunters are the most dangerous of their depraved kind.


Mourngul Haunters are feared above all other dangers that haunt the bleak, empty places of the Old World. From the cold wastes of Norsca to the lofty heights of the Grey Mountains, dreadful tales are told around huddled fires of those lost in the white killing cold of mountain winters, driven mad by famine and pain, devouring their own companions and former friends for meat and the warmth of their fast-flowing blood. For these damned souls, there is no salvation. When bodily death overtakes the stranded and desperate, such is their anguish and malice that it lingers on, and the most destructive Winds of Magic are drawn to coil around their spirits to taint and saturate them. With their cadavers becoming warped and twisted into inhuman proportions, they transform into something neither ghost nor revenant – a monstrous, razor-thin shadow of cold, dead flesh and frostbite-cracked bone, with a gaping maw of needle-teeth and a cavernous stomach that hangs open like a dreadful wound.[1]



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