Mourners' Guild

The Mourners' Guild is a religious organisation within Bögenhafen dedicated to the Cult of Morr, and is responsible for organising funerals and seeing to the upkeep of the local graveyard. It is maintained, not out of membership fees, but from the money paid by those for whom it arranges funerals. It also supervises the construction of tombs and other monuments in the graveyard, splitting the income from such work with the Masons' Guild. Anyone who conducts a funeral or disposes of a body without the supervision of the Mourners' Guild risks arrest on charges of bodysnatching and/or Necromancy; as with the Physicians' Guild, there is a standing reward of 10 gc for information leading to the arrest of such miscreants.[1a]

The Mourners' Guild has a seat on Bögenhafen's town council, and typically votes alongside the Cult of Sigmar's seat.[1a]


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