Mountaineater Tribe

The Mountaineaters Tribe are known amongst the tribes for their stubborn ways, in imitation of their great leader who the tribe named themselves after. The hulking Tyrant Bauldig Mountaineater is the kind of Ogre of which legends are made. Bauldig has sought out and conquered many of the most menacing peaks found in the Mountains of Mourn, including the much-dreaded Mount Thug. He has defeated them all and even, it is said, toppled Bigstride Peak when he burrowed under it and ate the heart of the mountain. Naturally drawn to such a tough and charismatic leader, the growing Mountaineater Tribe imitates Bauldig by eating rocks with every meal so they can become as tough and stubborn as their Tyrant. Often underground, the Mountaineaters have developed a taste for the races they habitually find there, actually preferring Dwarf, Skaven, or Night Goblin meat to all others.[1a]


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