Mount Thug Map-0

The infamous Mount Thug is enormous in scale, a huge and forbidding peak that stretches far above the clouds. It is widely regarded by the Ogres as a living thing, because those foolish or brave enough to attempt to scale its glacial sides are usually buried under hundreds of tonnes of boulders and wet snow before they leave the lower slopes. To the denizens of the Ogre Kingdoms, this is how the mountain feeds on its victims - jaws of jagged rock closing on those that dare to rouse it from its sleep. Even the sounds of a pick impacting on the vertical face of a glacier is enough to send an aspiring climber to an icy tomb, so any Ogre who dares challenge the mountain is forced to do so with his bare hands. It is seen as a feat of great prowess to reach the upper slopes of Thug, and any who do so inevitably go on to become Tyrant of their tribe.[1a]

A more learned observer might comment upon how the usual shape of Thug could lead to a greater number of avelanches than usual, and how this could lead to its daunting reputation in a primitive society. But the Ogres know the truth - Mount Thug is as malevolent as it is vast.[1a]


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