Mount Gunbad
Vital statistics
Inhabitants Greenskins (formerly Dwarfs)
Type Fortress city
Location Central-eastern Worlds Edge Mountains
Population Unknown
Allegiance Unknown Greenskin Warboss
Industry None (formerly gem and gold mining)

Although Ekrund may have been the richest mine beyond the Worlds Edge Mountains, Gunbad was the greatest and wealthiest of the world - only the biggest fortresses of Karaz Ankor produced more riches. Located on the eastern slopes of the Worlds Edge Mountains, Gunbad was, and still is the only source of Brynduraz ("shining stone" in Khazalid), a blue gem much valued by Dwarf jewelers. Its gold was so crucial for maintaining the Dwarf army that during the War of Vengeance against the High Elves it wasn't forced to supply troops. But the Dwarfs didn't realize their greatest enemy would come from the East.

While the bulk of the Dwarf armies were still returning from their victorious campaign against the Elves, disaster came over the Worlds Edge Mountains. Earthquakes covered the mountain passes with rubble, isolating temporarily holds and mines. Gunbad Dwarfs fought valiantly when the Greenskins came, but defeat was inevitable.

Over two hundred years ago Dwarfs came back to Gunbad in great numbers. Led by Logazor Brightaxe, they managed to retake the mines, but this victory left Gunbad isolated in the midst of a land still riddled with Orcs and Goblins, which turned it into a tempting and vulnerable goal. It was just a matter of time before Dwarfs were forced to relinquish their dominion over Gunbad once more. After this defeat, Dwarfs haven't had enough strength to retake the mines to the East of the Worlds Edge Mountains.


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