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Mount Grimfang, originally known as Mount Silverspear ("Karag Agilwutraz" in Khazalid), was once one of the richest mines of Karaz Ankor and one of the easternmost outposts of the dwarfen realm.[1a]


Karag Agilwutraz was once the second-richest mine of the dwarf empire, second only to Gunbad. Ruled by the line of King Gunn, Clan Gunnisson,[2a] the mine was so rich that it was exempt from fighting in the War of Vengeance. Instead, its population continued to mine silver and transport it to Karaz-a-Karak.[1a]

During the initial assault of the Greenskins, Mount Silverspear was bypassed for the wealthier mines further north. The dwarfs prepared their defenses and constructed a series of watchtowers to warn them of further Greenskin attacks. They did not have to wait long.[1a]

During the Silver Road Wars for control over the eastern World's Edge Mountains, Mount Silverspear was assaulted in great numbers. Despite staggering losses, the second Greenskin assault wore down the defenders in 3156 KZ (-1367 IC).[2b] Reluctantly, the survivors retreated to Karaz-a-Karak along the Silver Road, while the invaders patched up the fallen city and renamed it Mount Grimfang, in honor of Warboss Urk Grimfang that had lead the attack. Mount Grimfang has remained in Greenskin hands since then.[1a] In recent times, a Skaven nest has grown beneath the city.[3a]


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