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It’s not enough to just own a steed; one must be able to care for it as well. is small selection of gear covers the essential equipment needed to ride and maintain a steed.

  • Fodder: This price reflects what it costs to feed a horse for one day. Normally horses can crop grasses and weeds, but they cannot subsist on such fare for long. Good fodder consists of a mixture of hay and oats.[1a]
  • Grooming Kit: A grooming kit includes a mallet, spare horseshoes and nails, several brushes, a good knife, and a horse blanket.[1a]
  • Harness: A harness is a complex arrangement of straps and reigns that fit over a horse’s muzzle to give the rider control. It requires a saddle to be useful.[1a]
  • Saddle: A saddle is a rigid leather, cushioned seat that fits on a horse’s back and is held in place by a strap. It requires a harness to be useful.[1a]
  • Saddlebag: A saddlebag ties onto a saddle and is nearly always made of durable leather and has a flap that closes over the mouth. Inside, there are smaller pouches and divisions to keep certain items separate.[1a]


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