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The Mortarchs, formerly known as the Nine Dark Lords, were Nagash's nine mightiest lieutenants.


The Mortarchs were created during the End Times by Nagash after his resurrection in 2524 IC, and served him throughout his campaign, which finally ended with the destruction of the World. They numbered nine and were meant to be replacements for his original Nine Dark Lords - his most trustworthy servants in the days of old.[1]


Three Mortarchs were among the original Nine Dark Lords:[1]

The other six joined for various reasons:[1]

  • Mannfred von Carstein, the Mortarch of Night, decided his schemes were not worth undertaking after Nagash's resurrection.
  • Luthor Harkon, the Mortarch of the Abyss, joined Nagash out of boredom.

Besides Arkhan, Neferata and Krell, not all of the original Dark Lords are still widely known:[2][3]

  • The Dread King, a being surrounded at all times by an aura of fear and dread.
  • The Hand of Nagash, an ancient Liche who was imprisoned within a glacier after his defeat.


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