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"When the hounds of the wastes bay at Morrslieb, the foul moon bays back."
—Kislev proverb[2a]
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Morrslieb ("Beloved of Morr" in Old Reikspiel) is the green moon, and the dark twin of Mannslieb. It has an erratic cycle, unpredictably appearing smaller or larger in the sky. In times of disaster, some claim to see a mocking, twisted face appear on its surface. Morrslieb heralds great misfortune when it appears close.[1a][1b]

Morrslieb is also known by other names around the world: The Dark Moon, the Chaos Moon (particularly by Elves), and The Green Moon (by the ancient Nehekharans).

A popular legend tells of a gateway in the sky through which daemons emerged to prey on people. Morr destroyed this gate and created Morrslieb so that mortals would never forget that he had saved them from a fate worse than death.[1b]

Hexenstag and Geheimnistag mark the only times in the year when both Mannslieb and Morrslieb are full. Before sundown on those days, animals are brought in to shelter, and folk huddle in their homes, hanging up charms to ward away evil. Even the streets of Altdorf, usually thronging at all hours, are empty from dusk to dawn on Hexensnacht (Witching Night) and Geheimnisnacht (Night of Mystery).[1b]

On these ill-omened nights, Morrslieb's sickly green light bathes the land, and Dark Magic collects in invisible pools of stagnant evil. Its influence can corrupt flesh, mutate the unborn, and inspire madness and murder. The veil between this world and the next is thin at these times, and many people experience strange and prophetic dreams. Creatures of Chaos howl in the forests and the dead stir awake. Necromancers, vampires, and evil sorcerers walk abroad, and Chaos Cultists sacrifice to the Dark Gods. It is not unknown for individuals, families, or even the entire population of a village to mysteriously vanish overnight, never to be seen again.[1b]

End Times

During the End Times, Clan Skyre of the Skaven decided to destroy the Dark Moon, sending its debris crashing down upon the Lizardmen and inadvertently also killing the rest of the Skaven in the process, along with the entire continent of Lustria.


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