Morella d'Arlette is a sorceress within the court of Zaragoz. Though her name is Bretonnian, her mother married a second time to a noble of Zaragoz. Initially, she was afraid to go to Estalia as a child, for the journey was long and the hills were steep. Yet she loves it now, and takes pride in her adopted homeland.[1b]

Morella is described as a woman with bright, covetous eyes like those of a carrion crow perched upon the scaffold while the stench of the hanged was still upon the air.[1a] That said, she is handsome in her own way. Though no longer young, it is not easy to guess her age, as there are no crow's-feet by her eyes nor wrinkles in her neck. But there is something within a manner that gives her away. Her full lips are carried slightly forward, as in a perpetual slight pout, or as though she is about to lick them in anticipation of some tasty sweetmeal. A sensualist, through and through.[1b]


  • Morella once went on a mission to Gualcazar for the Duke of Zaragoz.


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