Mordicio is an arthritic loan shark and debtor in Castle Bordeleaux, described as having eyes as warm as honey beneath snow-white bushels for eyebrows. Liver-spotted hands that can descend upon a person's shoulders like two decrepit vultures as he clasps one to his bony chest. An onlooker could be forgiven in thinking such instances were between a favorite nephew returning from some long and dangerous voyage, rather than a defaulting debtor. And at another time, it might have been right. With Mordicio, loan sharking and family weren't mutually exclusive.[1a]

Within his heavily guarded mansion, gilded books and jewelled trinkets line the shelves of Mordicio's office. A silver astrolabe, and thick Arabyan carpets, the only thing poor to be had is its owner, the old man never wasting money on new clothes or jewellery. Or barbers. The unruly bush of a beard softening the bony angles of his face might have belonged to a dwarf, if a dwarf could ever have grown so tall and lank.[1a]


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