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"Hmm... He has his father's face. Twice. And the others are worse. But I'll sort it out. I'll kill every twisted misbegotten spawn of Chaos I've fathered. Chaos isn't going to defeat Dragonkind while I'm alive, and thanks to Chaos, I'm going to live for a very long time."

Mordax Great Imperial Dragon Nick Bibby 2nd Edition illustration

Mordax the Great Imperial Dragon. Boxart by Nick Bibby.

Mordax is an ancient Imperial Dragon.[1a]


During the Great Catastrophe, Mordax was cursed by a Chaos Sorcerer, apparently making it father several Chaos Dragons against its will. This spell also ensures it can never die, although it has sustained horrendous injuries during his millennia-long life, with whose pain it must battle constantly.[1a]

Since then, Mordax has dedicated itself to hunting down and destroying its offspring, but it may sometimes be found fighting alongside various armies. Sometimes the promise of gold has been enough and sometimes it fights in exchange for information on the whereabouts of one of its children.[1a]




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