Morai-heg (also known as the Crow-Goddess or the Crone) is the Elven Goddess of Fate and Death. Within her rune pouch, she holds the fate of all mortals. It is considered a dark practice to openly pay tribute to her. Neither Cadai nor Cytharai, the Elves only pay enough tribute to her so that she will not harm them, or so that they may attempt to forestall the inevitability of death.


An ancient and withered creature, Morai-heg is the Keeper of Souls and the Weaver of Prophecy. She, and she alone, knows the future and reads the patterns of time. She set the stars of the heavens, and thus the future can be read from the night sky. The High Elves believe that Morai-heg knows the fate of all, and that every death - no matter how trivial - is foretold by the Crone.[2b]

Morai-heg is a vexsome and shifting being, and commonly stands apart from the quarrels of the other gods. Hers is not the distant aloofness practiced by Asuryan, however, but a scheming neutrality that exploits any heavenly discord to her own advantage. Thus, there is not a god of the Elves who does not owe Morai-heg thanks and retribution in equal measure.[2b]

Ravens are said to be Morai-heg's messengers. They soar across Ulthuan and the barbaric lands of the younger races, bearing snippets of the Crone Goddess' wisdom to those that have the wit to interpret the signs. Thus, Ulthuan's archer regiments hark at every coarse raven song, and mourn the passing of each member of the chorus. Such actions are thought to be the obsessions of simple minds by some of the nobility, but the archers care not. It does not do to mock Morai-heg, they say. She knows whether the arrows they loose will find their mark or not, and such knowledge grants a power that should not be offended.[2b]

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  • Combined with Isha and Lileath, Morai-heg forms a trinity with the latter acting as the Crone.[2a] This shares attributes with Atropos, eldest of the Greek Moirai, who also chooses the means by which a given person, even a god, will die by.


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