Moot Darts

Moot Darts is an interesting game the Appleberrys of Deadgate claim to have invented, though the truth of this claim has never been proven. The rules of the game are simple. Each player has to throw darts until he hits the outer ring, the middle ring, and finally the inner ring. If a player hits the bull's-eye, he automatically wins. Where the game differs from other, more ordinary dart games, is in the conditions of the toss.[1a]

In Moot Darts, each contestant tries to come up with an outlandish way to throw the dart, and his opponent must match it. The trick is to make sure your challenge is a good one, or the patrons betting on you will let you know it.[1a]

Examples include turning your back to the dartboard, bending over and throwing the dart between your legs with your eyes closed, or having your friends grab a piece of canvas and hurl you into the air whilst you throw darts at the board. The drunker the crowd, the more bizarre the challenges—hence the props nearby the dartboard.[1a]

After each declaration of what the contestants are trying to do there is a round of betting on whether or not it will be successful or who will win the game. The house takes 5% of all bets placed, of course. Most games end up with something silly happening like a contestant accidentally hitting himself or something (or someone) else in the tavern except the dartboard, to howls of raucous laughter. Weirdly, it seems that when the Halflings play, they make challenges more likely to harm the crowd rather than hit anywhere close to the wall.[1a]


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