"They came thinking it a simple task to slay a few poor, hapless Brothers and take our relics. I ask Morr not judge too harshly the seven bandits we bury today, as Brother Hild has already inflicted punishment enough."
Abbot Ernst Halfhauser[2a]


Monks or Nuns are members of the mendicant orders who seek seclusion to better devote themselves to their faith. Some monks live completely alone as hermits, whereas others congregate with other monks and live in monasteries, abbeys, and convents, which are usually located in remote areas of the Old World.[1a][2a] Most religions have their own mendicant orders, although the strictures of Verena and Shallya tend to lend themselves more towards monasticism more than most.[1a]

Monks spend their lives studying, praying, tending the infirm, working in the monastery's fields, debating the finer points of theology, and illuminating religious scriptures.[1a] As a means of raising money for the monastery, some learn a more practical trade, such as brewing, winemaking, or calligraphy. In addition, many monasteries along popular pilgrimage routes send their brothers or sisters out to guide and guard pilgrims along the way.[2a]


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