Mondstille, the Winter Solstice, is also known as World Still. It is the height of Ulric's time in the Old World, when his hungry wolves begin circling farms and villages in search of easy meals of Livestock—and the occasional Human victim. It is a time of despair, for the winter months are extremely hard and food is scarce, yet also a time of joy, for after this day the wheel turns once more to Taal and Rhya's eventual return. Bonfires are lit in hopes of guiding Taal and Rhya back into the world. In the farthest reaches of the Empire, the pelts of wolves are raised on sticks outside village perimeters, both as a sign of respect for Ulric and a warning for his “children” to stay far away. Children born during World Still are known for their laconic and subdued demeanour.[1a]


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