"I'll have you know I was an honourable spy! I never sold anyone out without getting paid first."
Molly Scrumper[1a]

Leaving the Moot at an early age to escape a dull life, Molly discovered in Averheim she had a talent for thievery and confidence games. Over the years, she plied her trade so successfully that when she was captured by the Elector Counts' agents, she was offered a choice: become a spy for Averland or a corpse at the end of a noose. She chose the former, and became a successful agent for the Royal House, keeping them abreast of hidden developments at the courts of the other Electors. Eventually she decided to strike out on her own and, after burning to the ground the building holding her records (and the one person who knew her face), she struck out on her own as a free agent, working for whoever paid best.[1a]

Now in her late middle-age, Molly has used the fortune she acquired to retire and buy an inn in Wurtbad, one of her favourite cities. With a mostly Halfling staff, the Green Squirrel has become famous for good service and good food. Although too "common" for the most elite visitors, many courtiers and diplomats stay here on visits. Though retired, this has enabled Molly to "keep her hand in a bit," and thus she has set up an information-brokering ring for anyone with enough gold crowns to pay her price. She is very cautious, however, since she made many enemies over her life and learned many dangerous secrets. It is rumoured among those who know something of her past that the Chancellor of the Reikland would like to "talk" with her regarding some "indiscreet yet highly confidential letters" she disappeared with ten years ago.[1a]


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