Warhammer Saphery

Mitherion Silverfawn is a golden haired, High Elf Archmage famous for his mastery of fire magic and celestial divination.[1b] At present, he is prospering from his researching celestial phenomena, which continues to meet favour from the Loremasters of Hoeth, and whose divinations are proving to be of great interest in recent days. His daughter, Rhianna, is married to Eldain Fleetmane, though instead of Ellyrion, the archmage himself still resides in Saphery. He is considered mercurial and capricious by his son-in-law, traits he has noticed in Mitherion's daughter as well.[1a]

Mitherion's villa resides in the far south of Saphery, its tall, fiery walls laying beyond an outthrust haunch of the mountains. From there, the Tower of Hoeth is never more than a faint glow over the horizon.[1b]

In the Tower of Hoeth, Mitherion's chambers are described as being filled with long benches strewn with astrolabes, lens grinders, and all manner of instruments for celestial observation, resembling more a workshop than a place of mystic study. Thick tomes of magic can be found open, apparently at random, throughout the laboratory and a hundred or more scrolls strewn about alongside dozens of inkwells.[1c]

Charts of astronomical movements and phenomena hang like war banners from the walls, each a mass of spirals and looping orbital patterns. Though not at the summit of the Tower, a great glass ceiling ripples above like the surface of a lake. One might realize, however, that this is not a window, for it shows a star-filled night sky.[1c]

Upon a bench lies a silver object resembling a globe made from hundreds of thin loops of silver wire bound together with scores of brass-rimmed lenses. This object floats above a shallow concave disc of gold and spins gently on its axis as lenses slide through the silver wires apparently at random. Through this device, Mitherion can perceive the night skies over specific areas of the world, including the Northern Wastes (though doing so in the latter case is very dangerous).[1c]


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