Khan-Queen Miska, known as The Slaughterer, was ruler of the Gospodar tribe during its expansion from its ancestral homelands, and into what is now Kislev. She was known as a formidable user of Ice Magic and laid the foundations of the later unification of Kislev.

Gospodar Migration

In IC c.1494 (c. -30 Gospodarin Calendar), Khan-Queen Miska led the Gospodar tribe over High Pass and into the lands of Kislev. The indigenous Ungol tribes were forced back, and with the capture of Praag in IC 1497 (-27 Gospodarin Calendar) they are pushed westwards towards the Sea of Claws. Khan-Queen Miska then oversaw the settlement of the surrounding lands.

Alaric the Mad and the forging of Fearfrost

At some time during the settlement of Kislev, it is commonly thought that the legendary Dwarf Runesmith Alaric the Mad travelled to the court of Khan-Queen Miska. What drove him there is unrecorded, but it is supposed that he forged rune weapons for the Gospodar forces, including assisting in the creation of the Tzarina heirloom Fearfrost.


The details of Khan-Queen Miska's death are not recorded, save that the title of Khan-Queen passed to her daughter Shoika, who later became the first true Tzarina.


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