"An ancient lineage of warriors supremely enhanced by the energies of Chaos, nourished only by carnage and bloodshed."
The Mirror Guard of Sigval the Magnificent[2]
MirrorGuardTotalWar (2)

Sigvald's elite Mirror Guard.[2]

The Mirror Guard are the elite bodyguard of the Chaos Champion of Slaanesh, Sigvald the Magnificent.


Sigvald the Magnificent, the infamous "Prince of the Decadent Host", is one of Slaanesh's favoured living champions, made legend by his prowess on the battlefield and his disturbing yet angelic beauty. The Geld-Prince rides at the head of an army of utterly devoted followers who would give their lives for him without a second thought. Among them is the Mirror Guard, the elite bodyguard of Sigvald who bear mirrored shields and armor so that Sigvald might bask in his own divine glory.[1a]


  • Portrait of a Mirror Guard


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