Minaithnir and Imrik

Minaithnir and Crown Prince Imrik.

Imrik rides the majestic dragon Minaithnir. They have a mutual bond between them – the last of the true Dragon Princes, and one of the last dragons. Minaithnir is fanatically loyal to his master.[1a]


As is often the case in Caledor, Imrik did not choose Minaithnir as his companion in life and battle. Rather, it was the dragon who chose the prince. In the midst of battle, Imrik lay dying upon the Amari foothills, his body pierced by many a cruel Naggarothi blade. Then the mountainside shook to Minaithnir's fearsome roar. The dragon had slumbered for long centuries, but some chance had roused the mighty beast and sent him to the young prince's aid. Those dark elves who scattered before Minaithnir's onset were the fortunate ones. All who stayed to fight the dragon were immolated by his fulsome flame, or torn to wet scraps by his talons. When the foe was routed, Minaithnir bore Imrik to Tor Caleda, where the prince's physicians laboured to heal the wounds of battle.[2a]

Ever since that day, Imrik and Minaithnir have fought as one. The dragon has never spoken of his reasons for joining their fates and Imrik, displaying the hubris common to his bloodline, thought it merely a sign that Caledor's star was ascendant once more. Only as the Rhana Dandra looms, and strange times beckon, has Imrik considered that Minaithnir's loyalty serves a greater goal.[2a]


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