Milkavala was a perfectly ordinary settlement, either a large tirsa or a small stanitsa depending on who’s talking. It raised a small rota of winged lancers but normally sent them to the pulk in co-operation with neighbouring tirsas. The only notable feature was the Temple of Dazh, where a genuine eternal flame had been maintained for decades, something very unusual outside the cities.[1a]

Then the armies of Chaos ignored it. Milkavala suffered no damage at all; they didn’t even lose a single cow. Neighbouring settlements were sacked and razed to the ground, but Milkavala was untouched. The residents loudly claim it was due to the protection of Dazh, and the local priest encourages pilgrims to the temple, but some people have darker suspicions. The winged lancers were not so lucky, and some of the survivors have doubts about what their home may have done to survive.[1a][1b]


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