Middle Mountains

A map detailing the Middle Mountains

The Middle Mountains are a desolate mountain range located at the north-western region of the Empire of Man, which acts as a natural border for the lands of Nordland, Ostland, Hochland and Middenland. This range of mountains is notorious for being highly devoid of valuable resources and mineral deposits, to such an extent that the Dwarfs who had previously colonized the Mountains have all but abandoned it and returned to the domains of the more resource-rich Worlds Edge Mountains. Nonetheless, this range of mountains has in the past provided adequate shelter for the Empire's people, resulting in the creation of cities such as Middenheim and Wolfenburg. Due to the harsh and inaccessible terrain of the region, the Mountains have also been known to harbor a large population of the Empire's foes, ranging from the occasional Goblin tribes living within the caves to Chaos warbands occupying the fortified citadel of Brass Keep.

In centuries long past, these great mountains held another grander purpose, for during the horrific time of the Great Catastrophe, this mountain held within it a Third Chaos Gate, and it was this gate that Grimnir himself personally held shut and guarded for many centuries, fighting hordes of Daemons until the day finally came for Grimnir's heir to inherit the powers and responsibilities of his predecessor and hold back the Daemonic tides that seeks to end the domains of Mankind during the apocalyptic age known simply as the End Times.

Notable Locations

  • Nordberg - Highest peak within the Middle Mountains, where at the very top lies the Keep of the First Slayer.
  • Brass Keep - An imperial fortress located deep within the mountains which recently fell into the hands of Chaos warriors. Since then this fortress has been home to a multitude of Chaos Warlords seeking shelter from Imperial retribution.
  • Middenheim - City of the White Wolf and province capital of Middenland, located on the south-western tip of the Middle Mountains.
  • Wolfenburg - Province capital of Ostland which is located in the south-eastern foothills of the Middle Mountains.
  • Mierack - An Ostlander town high in the north-east of the Middle Mountains.
  • Keep of the First Slayer - An ancient and powerful shrine dedicated to the Dwarf god Grimnir the Fearless. It is said to be the location of a Chaos Gate that ushered in the Second Chaos Incursion, and with Grimnir's sacrifice, the Gate has since been dormant and guarded by a Dwarfen Order of powerful Slayer monks.
  • The river Wolf's Run begins near Wolfenburg, while Drakwasser is located a bit further west. Both rivers flow into the River Talabec, carrying dark soil which is later deposited in Altdorf.


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