One of the most fearsome slavers to ravage the northernmost shores of the Empire is Micah the Bloodied. Micah was himself once a slave, captured at a young age in a remote village on a small island in the Sea of Claws. Even in his youth he was impetuous and unruly. His slavemaster cut off his hand to try and break the boy's will.[1a]

Rather than subdue the lad, it only angered him. Micah picked up his severed hand, launched himself at the startled slaver, and choked the man with his dismembered hand. The rest of the slavers watched in disbelief, and Micah slew two more before they returned to their senses.[1a]

Some of the captured slaves thought this was their opportunity to escape – but Micah would have none of it. Grabbing a lash, he whipped the slaves mercilessly until they eagerly sought refuge in their crowded pens. Micah quickly assumed the role of the slavemaster he had slain. The other slavers were intimidated by his ferocity and resilience to pain and fear, and brooked no argument with their new peer.[1a]


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