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  • Unless the admins have an objection, I'm going to be renaming [[Category:Browse]] to [[Category:{{SITENAME}}]] and updating any links as required on this wiki. According to Fandom's internal research, this provides a little boost to SEO over the more generic names such as Browse, Content, Wiki content, Game, etc.

    If you already have a category by that name, it will become the top-level category and things in Browse will move under it. Sound like a plan? Let me know if you have any questions. You may, of course, opt out if you wish. (Montonius already agreed on the Age of Sigmar wiki.)

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  • I was trying to download the wikis database but the links on page are old and dont work and i was wondering if you could look into it when you get the chance please.

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  • Hey Paraduo. I took a note out of the Spanish Wiki's book and made a change to the Northmen category page and I was wondering what you think.

    I think we do some things alot better than the Spanish wiki, like sources for example, but one thing they do that's really neat is they add little blurbs to category pages with a slideshow as well.

    So if someone is very unfamiliar with a certain race, faction or Warhammer in general, they get a feel of what its all about in the category page right away, rather than having to dig tough and piece it together for themselves.

    I think this would be really cool of us to do as well and its what I've just done for "Northmen". The reason I did it there in particular is that its kind of a secondary catagory on top of "Chaos" and "Norsca" so I think people might be a little more confused as to what "Northmen" is all about and how it differs from "Norsca". 

    Here's the Northmen Page. Just added a little blurb saying what the ethnic groups are, how they differ and stuff. Let me know what you think :)

    Also, just for reference, here's an example of the Spanish wiki and what it does. Just have to to translate the page.

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    • This is the pound sign: £ 

      This is a hashtag: #

      Thanks tho :)

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    • Warhammer Wikis

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  • Hi again MrParaduo. Can you help me in this silly question? Haha when the say Warhammer: The End Times Compendium means all main books and background books or this thing is another book? Thanks again

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  • Hey there.

    I've not made any new categories since our conversation, but I'd like to bring up a few that might be useful. 

    First would be Places of significance to a particular faction. The Wiki seems inconsistent with this currently. Some faction pages have loads of settlements and areas of the map related to the faction listed in their faction page, but others dont.

    For factions such as the Vampire Counts in particular, I think it'd be handy to create a sub-catagory for places of Importence to them. The only problem is what to name it? I attempted to make it yesterday but "Vampire Settlements" wasn't broad enough, as it should also encompass places like the Forests of Sylvania, Ruins, Tomb of Nagash and so on. 

    Second would be Military, which I'm a little torn on. It might be useful to have sub-catagories for Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, etc (I believe the Spanish site does this), but some army lists are relatively short. 

    Finally: Sorcerers. This seems to be one of the only pages I've found aside from main faction pages, that actually has sub-catagories...but it also has every sorcerer character filling out the list as well. Why not just have the different categories on their own? The only benefit I can see for having the characters hanging out there is the fact that they come up in the trending pages. But then people can get that from elsewhere and you cant even see that on mobile I don't think.

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    • I was suggestiing more trickle down stuff with slightly more sub-catagories though, and Is this not a community Wiki? can we not discuss these matters? (not being hostile, just asking why you're implying his vision in particular is important to maintain).

      Lairs has the same issue as settlements, it doesn't take into account tombs, places of power, malestroms and stuff like that. I'll leave that to one side until we can figure out a better idea.

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    • Push comes to shove, put it under "Vampire". As for Montonius, it's more about keeping consistency and avoiding a mess like some of the other wikis. There've been plenty of times where people've posted fanfiction over articles on the site, oblivious to the point of the article. As an example.

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  • Hey again mate.

    I was wondering about getting Beurocrat/admin rights so that I'm not cut out of renaming certain pages. As I understand it I have to ask permission from one of the current admins correct?

    Regardless, there are a few changes I think could really benifit the site, one of which is quite fundemental:

    Can we get rid of the red?

    I come from the total War Warhammer forums and A few people mentioned there that the red background against the white is extremely harsh on the eyes, which is something I'm inclined to agree with. It seems like a strange point, but It would really help with navagation and whatnot. 

    I presume that people from the Spanish counterparts of this wiki created the English version too correct? based on the Source code, phrasing of things in the singular and some pages being lifted from there?

    The reason I bring this up is that Their cite has literally the exact opposite background. Very cool colours that make the White text and links stand out more.

    I'm not really in favour of nicking their ideas, but at the same time, their cite is way more slick and organized. I think we could still learn alot from them.

    Hope you can get back to me on this ^_^

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    • Hey. I'd just like to pop by and say that I should be available to bounce ideas off of for the next few weeks (despite the fact that I tried to retire as moderator last August).

      Your changes to the categories are not bad, per se. But if you want to restructure categories like that, that's the sort of thing you should discuss with others before launching into it. Heck, I got in trouble for doing that even when I was a moderator.

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  • Hey there, I noticed you edited some of the pages I created or edited yesterday.

    You mentioned that I should only link the first instance of something and that I should only bold the title subject once.

    As someone who used the wiki frequently (especially on mobile) before editing It, I strongly disagree. Having to sift back through the article for that one link you wanted to chase up can be really annoying and needlessly so (especially on mobile) 

    as for the bold, again, if something has no page to link to and yet its of great improtance (like the person/thing the article pretains to) then It should stand out to the reader and not just the first time. It just makes it look better. 

    I was talking to another editor about this: if its not wiki policy then it should be.

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    • Reading it again "Old Slann" is almost certainly "Old Ones", it just felt like I was making too many leaps in logic to translate "Old Ones" to just Rigg on her own. still, any input would be appreciated :)

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    • Sounds fair. If you want to put a theory down, put it under (and/or create) a "Trivia" headline on the article.

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  • Hi MrParaduo how are you? Well I would like to know if I can add the lore about GIgantic Spiders the mounts of some goblins?

    Thanks! Have a nice week!

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  • Following the guidelines given in this this blog: The best possible local navigation bar, I would like to propose the following changes to the top-level navigation to make it more reader-centric. The changes are itemized below, but it might be easier if you edit the MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation page and replace the contents with the code block at the bottom and then use the Preview feature to test it out (just don't accidentally save the changes).

    1. Change "General" to "The World" and link to Warhammer World
    2. Remove the Most-visited articles item. This is no longer updated and is wrong.
    3. Change History to Historical Events and add a few more major events like Night of a Thousand Arcane Duels (can have up to 10)
    4. Move "Timeline" from under History to the second level, rename to "Timelines", link it to the category, and put links to 10 of the timeline articles under it (Beastmen, Elves, Lizardmen etc)
    5. Leave Heroes as it is? You can choose up to 10 here but it currently displays only the seven most popular (again, possibly incorrect)
    6. Under Geography, replace these with links to articles and categories of large geographical area or importance. (Having two "Old World" links is confusing.)
    7. Change Videogames to link to the category and remove the "more games" entry that links there now.
    8. Leave Races as is, it's great.
    9. Change "Want to help us?" to "Community" and link it to Special:Community which is designed for this purpose.
    10. Remove the obsolete (yes?) Moderator Elections announcement.
    11. Consider moving the "Join the Crusade!" blog page to the section of Special:Community designed for it.
    12. Remove "Fill in the gaps" and "Write new articles" because these are covered by the Speical:Community page or the Add New Page button.
    13. Consider moving Add Sources to Special:Community as well
    14. Fix the broken links to the other wikis (done below)
    15. Move the Forum links under the Community tab and rename it to "Old Forums"

    This frees up an entire 7x10 navigation menu for additional links to important content as you see fit. Of course, feel free to substitute better or more appropriate pages or categories. I just picked ones that made sense to me.

    * Warhammer World|The World
    ** category:History|Historical events
    *** Age of Three Emperors
    *** Grand Ball of Sigridschlosse
    *** Night of a Thousand Arcane Duels
    *** Night of the Black Waltz
    *** Night of the Restless Dead
    *** Plunder in the Jungle
    *** Scandal of the Shroud
    *** Winter of Woe
    *** Year of Woe
    ** category:Timeline|Timelines
    *** Bretonnian Timeline|Bretonia
    *** Dwarf Timeline|Dwarves
    *** Annals of the Black Tower|Dark Elves
    *** Book of Days|Elves
    *** Greenskin Timeline|Greenskins
    *** Imperial Timeline|Humans
    *** Chronicles of the Lizardmen|Lizardmen
    *** Skaven Timeline|Skaven
    *** Vampire Timeline|Vampires
    *** Wood Elf Timeline|Wood Elves
    ** #category-Heroes#
    ** category:Geography|Geography
    *** category:Cities|Cities
    *** Chaos Wastes
    *** category:Eastern Lands|Eastern Lands
    *** category:Southlands|Southlands
    *** category:New World|New World
    *** category:Old World|Old World
    *** category:Mystical Realms|Mystical Realms
    *** Albion
    *** Ulthuan
    *** category:Regions|Regions
    ** category:Videogames|Videogames
    *** #category# Age of Reckoning|Warhammer: Age of Reckoning
    *** Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide|Vermintide
    *** Warhammer: Vermintide II|Vermintide II
    *** Total War: Warhammer
    *** Total War: Warhammer II
    ** #|Specialist Games
    *** #category# Mordheim
    *** #category# Dreadfleet
    * category:Races|Races
    ** #|Forces of Order
    *** #category# The Empire|Empire
    *** #category# Bretonnia|Bretonnia
    *** #category# Dwarf|Dwarfs
    *** #category# High Elves|High Elves
    *** #category# Wood Elves|Wood Elves
    *** #category# Lizardmen|Lizardmen
    ** Forces of Chaos
    *** #category# Daemons|Daemons
    *** #category# Warriors of Chaos|Hordes of Chaos
    *** #category# Beastmen|Beastmen
    *** #category# Skaven|Skaven
    *** #category# Chaos Dwarf|Chaos Dwarfs
    ** #|Forces of Destruction
    *** #category# Greenskins|Greenskins
    *** #category# Dark Elves|Dark Elves
    *** #category# Ogre Kingdoms|Ogre Kingdoms
    ** #|Forces of Death
    *** #category# Vampire Counts|Vampire Counts
    *** #category# Tomb Kings|Tomb Kings
    * Special:Community|Community
    ** User Blog:Aresius King/First Crusade of the Hammer - Users assemble|Join the Crusade!
    ** #category# Sourceless|Add sources!
    ** Special:Forum|Old Forum
    *** Board:Guidelines_and_Rules|Guidelines & Rules
    *** Board:News_and_Announcements|News & Announcements
    *** Board:Questions_and_Answers|Q&A
    *** Board:Fun_and_Games|Fun & Games
    ** #|Our wikis
    ***|Age of Sigmar [ENG]
    ***|WH Fantasy [SPA]
    ***|Age of Sigmar [SPA]
    ***|WH 40k [SPA]
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    Is there any way to note this on the wiki (since articles in here are strictly lore focused and not on the surroundings like GW, individual books etc.)? It seems significant enough to note it somewhere.

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    • Hahah, many already ssupected that they would crawl back.

      The only thing I would really like to know is if they keep on advancing the Lore inbetween(without RPG books).

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    • We can have it as a notification on the button right I believe. I will ask around.

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