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  • So, I've always loved the idea of an all female sect of the Knights of the Blazing Sun who worship Myrmidia and serve their goddess's cause throughout the old world. I had some custom artwork made based on this idea. Feel free to use it if you want:

    Priestess of Myrmidia (1)

    A Sister of the Blazing Sun

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  • Following the guidelines given in this this blog: The best possible local navigation bar, I would like to propose the following changes to the top-level navigation to make it more reader-centric. The changes are itemized below, but it might be easier if you edit the MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation page and replace the contents with the code block at the bottom and then use the Preview feature to test it out (just don't accidentally save the changes).

    1. Change "General" to "The World" and link to Warhammer World
    2. Remove the Most-visited articles item. This is no longer updated and is wrong.
    3. Change History to Historical Events and add a few more major events like Night of a Thousand Arcane Duels (can have up to 10)
    4. Move "Timeline" from under History to the second level, rename to "Timelines", link it to the category, and put links to 10 of the timeline articles under it (Beastmen, Elves, Lizardmen etc)
    5. Leave Heroes as it is? You can choose up to 10 here but it currently displays only the seven most popular (again, possibly incorrect)
    6. Under Geography, replace these with links to articles and categories of large geographical area or importance. (Having two "Old World" links is confusing.)
    7. Change Videogames to link to the category and remove the "more games" entry that links there now.
    8. Leave Races as is, it's great.
    9. Change "Want to help us?" to "Community" and link it to Special:Community which is designed for this purpose.
    10. Remove the obsolete (yes?) Moderator Elections announcement.
    11. Consider moving the "Join the Crusade!" blog page to the section of Special:Community designed for it.
    12. Remove "Fill in the gaps" and "Write new articles" because these are covered by the Speical:Community page or the Add New Page button.
    13. Consider moving Add Sources to Special:Community as well
    14. Fix the broken links to the other wikis (done below)
    15. Move the Forum links under the Community tab and rename it to "Old Forums"

    This frees up an entire 7x10 navigation menu for additional links to important content as you see fit. Of course, feel free to substitute better or more appropriate pages or categories. I just picked ones that made sense to me.

    * Warhammer World|The World
    ** category:History|Historical events
    *** Age of Three Emperors
    *** Grand Ball of Sigridschlosse
    *** Night of a Thousand Arcane Duels
    *** Night of the Black Waltz
    *** Night of the Restless Dead
    *** Plunder in the Jungle
    *** Scandal of the Shroud
    *** Winter of Woe
    *** Year of Woe
    ** category:Timeline|Timelines
    *** Bretonnian Timeline|Bretonia
    *** Dwarf Timeline|Dwarves
    *** Annals of the Black Tower|Dark Elves
    *** Book of Days|Elves
    *** Greenskin Timeline|Greenskins
    *** Imperial Timeline|Humans
    *** Chronicles of the Lizardmen|Lizardmen
    *** Skaven Timeline|Skaven
    *** Vampire Timeline|Vampires
    *** Wood Elf Timeline|Wood Elves
    ** #category-Heroes#
    ** category:Geography|Geography
    *** category:Cities|Cities
    *** Chaos Wastes
    *** category:Eastern Lands|Eastern Lands
    *** category:Southlands|Southlands
    *** category:New World|New World
    *** category:Old World|Old World
    *** category:Mystical Realms|Mystical Realms
    *** Albion
    *** Ulthuan
    *** category:Regions|Regions
    ** category:Videogames|Videogames
    *** #category# Age of Reckoning|Warhammer: Age of Reckoning
    *** Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide|Vermintide
    *** Warhammer: Vermintide II|Vermintide II
    *** Total War: Warhammer
    *** Total War: Warhammer II
    ** #|Specialist Games
    *** #category# Mordheim
    *** #category# Dreadfleet
    * category:Races|Races
    ** #|Forces of Order
    *** #category# The Empire|Empire
    *** #category# Bretonnia|Bretonnia
    *** #category# Dwarf|Dwarfs
    *** #category# High Elves|High Elves
    *** #category# Wood Elves|Wood Elves
    *** #category# Lizardmen|Lizardmen
    ** Forces of Chaos
    *** #category# Daemons|Daemons
    *** #category# Warriors of Chaos|Hordes of Chaos
    *** #category# Beastmen|Beastmen
    *** #category# Skaven|Skaven
    *** #category# Chaos Dwarf|Chaos Dwarfs
    ** #|Forces of Destruction
    *** #category# Greenskins|Greenskins
    *** #category# Dark Elves|Dark Elves
    *** #category# Ogre Kingdoms|Ogre Kingdoms
    ** #|Forces of Death
    *** #category# Vampire Counts|Vampire Counts
    *** #category# Tomb Kings|Tomb Kings
    * Special:Community|Community
    ** User Blog:Aresius King/First Crusade of the Hammer - Users assemble|Join the Crusade!
    ** #category# Sourceless|Add sources!
    ** Special:Forum|Old Forum
    *** Board:Guidelines_and_Rules|Guidelines & Rules
    *** Board:News_and_Announcements|News & Announcements
    *** Board:Questions_and_Answers|Q&A
    *** Board:Fun_and_Games|Fun & Games
    ** #|Our wikis
    ***|Age of Sigmar [ENG]
    ***|WH Fantasy [SPA]
    ***|Age of Sigmar [SPA]
    ***|WH 40k [SPA]
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    • Hello again, I just returned from travel. I will review your message this week, although in this matter it is GreyKnight Dante who has the last word

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    • Good to know! At MrParaduo's request, I left an identical message on Grey Knight Dante's wall and I believe the changes are under consideration.

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  • I've been informed that the app topic card for this wiki is obsolete or incorrect. Do you have an image in mind for a replacement? I can assist you with requesting the change. I did this for my wiki earlier this year. The image I submitted was 573px (W) x 1000px (H) and had a transparent background, so yours should probably be similar to be accepted. Let me know if I can help.

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  • Oh hey, I've heard that Gamesworkshop is reviving Warhammer Fantasy due to the popularity of Warhammer Total War.

    It would be cool if we can annouce it at the button right like we did with others. There are some in here that advocate spreading the good news. This is big for the fantasy community!

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  • Do you mind if I can send a site-wide message to sponsor a small youtube video I found particularly interesting? The quality is pretty good and I find it very enjoyable. It isn't anything real serious. Thought the guy deserved some attention, since he seems to be a frequent reader of the wiki.

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  • I was thinking if perhaps its okay if we could change the background of the wiki to reflect the release of Warhammer 2. I got this particular background I am hoping to use. 

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    • Sounds good.

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    • Hi guys, im on holydays until 1st of October, and I haven't got any laptop. Next week I will can help u ;)

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    • So any news?

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    • Damn, totally forgot. Busy days for me and one travel, but Im feel bad for late response.

      Let us now examine this matter. The problem with the background change is that I have to request it to a very busy friend who does not even know Warhammer. If I could do it myself, I would not mind making the change as often as needed. But as it involves giving work to another person, we will not be able to make a change with each new DLC faction.

      Now that TW: WH 2 has come out we could make a change, but it is wise to change to a background that can last at least a year.

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  • Okay, so I got a problem Eledan and I need your advise. Okay, so I was in this Warhammer Fantasy forum, trying to get some advice on how I could possibly make this wiki much better when I got into a heated argument with this one guy. Apparently the guy called my wiki a "rip-off" of Lexicanum because they both cover warhammer lore. Thinking it was a simple troll, I called out his bluff and the guy sent me a link to one of the pages I "ripped-off".

    I took a look at the page and I was surpised to see that he was kinda right. The Lexicanum Queek Headtaker page was basically word-for-word EXACTLY the way how I wrote it in my own version of Queek Headtaker. The thing about this was the fact that I wrote everything in that page with my own wording, so basically the guy literally copy and pasted the stuff from my wiki and put it in theirs. Now I typically wouldn't be too annoyed by just one page being taken,  but apparently the editor Hyberius has been copying and pasting alot of the pages in this wiki for months now. He copied Skarsnik, Belegar, all the Skaven units, all Arabian units, Amazons, all the Warriors of Chaos page.....I mean, I think he basically copy and pasted almost every single significant page I have.....

    What should I do Eledan?  Technically I can't call plagiarism because I took all the stuff I wrote from the book, but I know almost 100% that the guy has been copying the content in all the pages he added. You could see all the list of stuff he copied here .  All the pages that have more than 800 words added our my pages....I would be dishonest if I say I am alittle bit aggrevated by this. Whats the point of making pages anymore if a competing rival is just going to take it as theirs?

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    • Try to insist once more on the way you got the answer the previous time. If in 24h they do not respond ... It is surely time to try other options.

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    • Just to let you guys know, I am going out of town for a couple of weeks so I might not be as active as I can be right now. I will occasionally check in but no gaurantees. 

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  • Hello Lord Eledan,

    I am writing you to let you know that I had to remove the custom background skin override from the wiki's MediaWiki:Wikia.css file. Unfortunately enough this background override directly conflicted with our ad skins. As such, I've moved a non-animated version of the background to Special:ThemeDesigner, which does not conflict with ad skins.

    Due to the very large file size of the background (3MB+) it was not possible to maintain the animated effect of the background. I recommend looking for a higher quality version of the current background (without the GIF compression) and uploading that through the Theme Designer. Overriding the background through community CSS is not possible.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    • No problem, and thank you for your understanding. I hope you can find a nice alternative skin!

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    • I will work a few days on a fixed static background that occupies less than 300kb. I'll let you know when I'm ready to confirm that it's correct.

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  • I am just about 95% done with the Sigmar page (had to read 4 novels to its entirety) and I simply need help finding one last source material for this paragraph a buddy of mine wrote concerning Morkar and his battle against Sigmar. The problem is that he never told me where he got the source so I came here asking if you if you perhaps know all the source material detailing Morkar the Uniter?

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  • Hi, I like your page, and I want ask you if I can create an Italian translation, can I please?

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    • I have found some Facebook groups of Italian fans of Warhammer Fantasy. You will need a lot of help to get the project going. If you give me a message in Italian speaking about this wiki, what you intend to do and asking for help, I can send it to them in your name.

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    • I suggest we move this conversation to the Italian wiki xd

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