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  • Hi Dante, As I was reading through the wiki today I noticed at least two typo's in Vlad von Carstein (specifically in the Vlad and the First Vampire Wars section paragraph six, a o is missing from the word Commander and an entire word (I think head) is omitted two sentences later) which is protected (also I've never edited on this wiki before and wouldn't start on such a big article). Where on this wiki should I report such things in the future?



    Edit: Another small thing that bugs me is that the drop down menu Our Wiki's links to the activity page of Age of Sigmar rather then to the Main Page

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  • I wish you a wonderful weekend!

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  • Hey there Dante. 

    Can we rename "the City of Pillars" page to Karak Eight Peaks? its the most common name that people will be looking for, to the point where I myself went past the page when searching for it.

    Also, the person who founded the page forgot to cite the sources properly, just a heads up.

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  • Hey there Dante.

    I noticed you edited the page I made on Karra Lakota and labled it 'no longer cannon'

    I'm curious what is considered cannon and non-cannon in your eyes? I figured that, even if something contains some outdated references or material, it can still be functionally cannon, and that the only truely non-cannon things are those that GW later rewrote differently, wrote over with a different story (like with Eltharion the Blind) or officially retconned (like the Storm of Chaos Campaign).

    In regards to the Magnificent Sven scenario, I noticed on the main page that it might have been revisisted in the RPG's and later Army Books. If so, was his troupe ret-conned in the later lore?

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    • You mean CANON, as in consense, or official agenda, or cannon in the sense of boom-bang-boom..?

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  • Following the guidelines given in this this blog: The best possible local navigation bar, I would like to propose the following changes to the top-level navigation to make it more reader-centric. The changes are itemized below, but it might be easier if you edit the MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation page and replace the contents with the code block at the bottom and then use the Preview feature to test it out (just don't accidentally save the changes).

    1. Change "General" to "The World" and link to Warhammer World
    2. Remove the Most-visited articles item. This is no longer updated and is wrong.
    3. Change History to Historical Events and add a few more major events like Night of a Thousand Arcane Duels (can have up to 10)
    4. Move "Timeline" from under History to the second level, rename to "Timelines", link it to the category, and put links to 10 of the timeline articles under it (Beastmen, Elves, Lizardmen etc)
    5. Leave Heroes as it is? You can choose up to 10 here but it currently displays only the seven most popular (again, possibly incorrect)
    6. Under Geography, replace these with links to articles and categories of large geographical area or importance. (Having two "Old World" links is confusing.)
    7. Change Videogames to link to the category and remove the "more games" entry that links there now.
    8. Leave Races as is, it's great.
    9. Change "Want to help us?" to "Community" and link it to Special:Community which is designed for this purpose.
    10. Remove the obsolete (yes?) Moderator Elections announcement.
    11. Consider moving the "Join the Crusade!" blog page to the section of Special:Community designed for it.
    12. Remove "Fill in the gaps" and "Write new articles" because these are covered by the Speical:Community page or the Add New Page button.
    13. Consider moving Add Sources to Special:Community as well
    14. Fix the broken links to the other wikis (done below)
    15. Move the Forum links under the Community tab and rename it to "Old Forums"

    This frees up an entire 7x10 navigation menu for additional links to important content as you see fit. Of course, feel free to substitute better or more appropriate pages or categories. I just picked ones that made sense to me.

    * Warhammer World|The World
    ** category:History|Historical events
    *** Age of Three Emperors
    *** Grand Ball of Sigridschlosse
    *** Night of a Thousand Arcane Duels
    *** Night of the Black Waltz
    *** Night of the Restless Dead
    *** Plunder in the Jungle
    *** Scandal of the Shroud
    *** Winter of Woe
    *** Year of Woe
    ** category:Timeline|Timelines
    *** Bretonnian Timeline|Bretonia
    *** Dwarf Timeline|Dwarves
    *** Annals of the Black Tower|Dark Elves
    *** Book of Days|Elves
    *** Greenskin Timeline|Greenskins
    *** Imperial Timeline|Humans
    *** Chronicles of the Lizardmen|Lizardmen
    *** Skaven Timeline|Skaven
    *** Vampire Timeline|Vampires
    *** Wood Elf Timeline|Wood Elves
    ** #category-Heroes#
    ** category:Geography|Geography
    *** category:Cities|Cities
    *** Chaos Wastes
    *** category:Eastern Lands|Eastern Lands
    *** category:Southlands|Southlands
    *** category:New World|New World
    *** category:Old World|Old World
    *** category:Mystical Realms|Mystical Realms
    *** Albion
    *** Ulthuan
    *** category:Regions|Regions
    ** category:Videogames|Videogames
    *** #category# Age of Reckoning|Warhammer: Age of Reckoning
    *** Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide|Vermintide
    *** Warhammer: Vermintide II|Vermintide II
    *** Total War: Warhammer
    *** Total War: Warhammer II
    ** #|Specialist Games
    *** #category# Mordheim
    *** #category# Dreadfleet
    * category:Races|Races
    ** #|Forces of Order
    *** #category# The Empire|Empire
    *** #category# Bretonnia|Bretonnia
    *** #category# Dwarf|Dwarfs
    *** #category# High Elves|High Elves
    *** #category# Wood Elves|Wood Elves
    *** #category# Lizardmen|Lizardmen
    ** Forces of Chaos
    *** #category# Daemons|Daemons
    *** #category# Warriors of Chaos|Hordes of Chaos
    *** #category# Beastmen|Beastmen
    *** #category# Skaven|Skaven
    *** #category# Chaos Dwarf|Chaos Dwarfs
    ** #|Forces of Destruction
    *** #category# Greenskins|Greenskins
    *** #category# Dark Elves|Dark Elves
    *** #category# Ogre Kingdoms|Ogre Kingdoms
    ** #|Forces of Death
    *** #category# Vampire Counts|Vampire Counts
    *** #category# Tomb Kings|Tomb Kings
    * Special:Community|Community
    ** User Blog:Aresius King/First Crusade of the Hammer - Users assemble|Join the Crusade!
    ** #category# Sourceless|Add sources!
    ** Special:Forum|Old Forum
    *** Board:Guidelines_and_Rules|Guidelines & Rules
    *** Board:News_and_Announcements|News & Announcements
    *** Board:Questions_and_Answers|Q&A
    *** Board:Fun_and_Games|Fun & Games
    ** #|Our wikis
    ***|Age of Sigmar [ENG]
    ***|WH Fantasy [SPA]
    ***|Age of Sigmar [SPA]
    ***|WH 40k [SPA]
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  • I have completed the conversion of the main infoboxes to the portable type, but there are some others that are only used on a few pages in the Hammerwiki namespace. They are {{NPC}}, {{Zonebox}}, {{Mob}}, {{PublicQuest}}, {{NoMapZoneBox}}, {{NeutralZonebox}}, {{Scenariobox}}, {{Bestiarybox}}, {{AbilityBox}}, and {{Infobox event}}. Do you want to do anything with these? I'm happy to help fix them up if they are useful.

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  • The original text said it was "her" wife. I'm not entirely positive we can call that a typo unless we ask Cubicle 7 about it :/

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  • Hiho dante, do you have this article? couldnt find

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    • is it this?

      Plague Rats are a special breed of plague-stricken rats for use in biological warfare. Rats, for good reason, have always served at the front ranks of Skaven attacks. And though rats and Ratmen share many similarities, the Skaven have no reservations about bending these rodents to their will and sending wave after wave into the waiting swords of their enemies. And so it has always been that the smaller creatures have served their warped kin.

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    • No, these are the general ones. i need the end of times unit (in book 4 battle of Xlanhuapec)

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  • Please see this discussion and let me know what you think.

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  • Hey there!

    Where did you get all that info on the page from? Since Paths of the Damned is a campaign series of three (or four) books, it is not a proper reference. It has to be more specific. Of course, since one of the books takes place in Nuln, I checked out Forges of Nuln, but the referenced page is incorrect – and the actual info in the book is only brief compared to what we have here.

    Am I missing something?

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    • Check the citation at the end of each paragraph. Those will tell you which source that particular paragraph is from. 

      Most of the page contains content from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition: The WFRP Companion



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    • Well, yes, that's my edit. But your old edit which is the most significant includes bits like the school's relation with Master Engineers which are not in the WFRP Companion nor Forges of Nuln. I haven't included those in the new edit because I can't find the proper source; and I'll feel bad about it if it turns out I deleted material that should have been there.

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    • Yeah sorry I can't remember where I got that info. Which is why I had to redo the page and add proper citation. So its fine.

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