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  • Unless the admins have an objection, I'm going to be renaming [[Category:Browse]] to [[Category:{{SITENAME}}]] and updating any links as required on this wiki. According to Fandom's internal research, this provides a little boost to SEO over the more generic names such as Browse, Content, Wiki content, Game, etc.

    If you already have a category by that name, it will become the top-level category and things in Browse will move under it. Sound like a plan? Let me know if you have any questions. You may, of course, opt out if you wish. (Montonius already agreed on the Age of Sigmar wiki.)

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    • Yeah, we're fine with it too. Not sure how much it'd help, but it certainly doesn't do any harm =)

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  • Hey again Areius, long time no see. Sorry to disturb you but I was just asking if you happen to know where I can find a site that all the warhammer books in pdf file?

    I wish to complete the Slaanesh, Tzeentch pages as they need citation. I'm specifically looking for 4th edition books like Liber Infectus

    Thank you in advance!

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    • I just sent you the links, sorry for the delay =)

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    • Thank you!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey again mate.

    I was wondering if I could get admin/Beurocrat rights so that I'm not locked out of renaming certain pages and deleting things. I'm currently trying to organize the pages that already exist so as to help guide people through the site and its difficult to do that without those rights (also means if I make a mistake like creating a page or image I didn't need then I'd have to ask you guys for help rather than fixing it myself).

    As I understand it, to get these rights I have to ask one of the already existing admins correct?

    Hope you can get back to me soon :)

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  • Hey there.

    I'm trying to tidy up the Norscan/Chaos part of the Wiki and I noticed contradictory info.

    Aeslings apparently don't keep slaves, but in the Trivia section it says they used slaves to build a mine on the coast. Is this a contradictory statement? I've not read the book so I'm not sure whats going on there.

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    • also, why are there png files listed in the empire section next to the articles? are they waiting to be put somewhere? and is there a reason that the Wiki tends to not list End Times stuff? alot of characters wiki pages don't discuss the End Times at all. Is this intentional?

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  • Hey there, I only just got your message now, I hope this is the appropriate way to contact you >_<

    I've been doing alot of work for the Total War Warhammer Forums for about a year now, searching for what could be implemented into the game, how they could improve the game, etc. 

    While working on all that I found, I noticed that the biggest issue in the Warhammer community (the cause of alot of misinformation and arguments) was a lack of direct sources. Even Mathias Eliasson Army Books and all of the fan-made 9th edition army books were mostly accurate, but because they never cited their sources, no one believes them.

    I wanted to change that and make sure the community knows exactly what is and isn't legit. So since I've already been doing all the research and I noticed some of it wasn't on the Wiki I figured I'd lend a hand :)

    I was just wondering If what I've been working on is up to snuff for the wiki? and if there's a way I could maybe talk to some of you about sharing notes and stuff like that?

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    • Okay, I've just seen you've reverted my edits and rewritten the article, so I'll have to point out what's wrong with it point by point. My tone will sound harsh, because I don't like what just happened, but do take it as constructive teachings to improve your style. I understand from your messages that you want to do a good job of this as much as I do, so please pay heed to these notes:

      1. First off, stop rewriting literal quotes in your own style. You have to copy what the characters say in the book, otherwise you're faking them and their tone. Ie, adding "the famous freebooter father had me seek out in Miragliano?!" in the middle of Sonderblitz's quote, or the "to find their fortune at last, or die trying" line, which isn't in any of the books.
      2. Check your orthography, specially but not at all exclusively with Warhammer-specific terms, like "Alcatani" (wtf is Alcitanni), "Amazonian" (the race is called Amazons, there's no Amazonia here) or "Cadavo" (Cabado??). Also, "usurer" is a very different word from "usurper". That's why not being careful when copying and writing can be dangerous.
      3. You do not need to highlight every name with bold lettering. Just the first time at the start of the article is more than enough.
      4. 90% of the "Origins" section is your own idea, and is not supported by existing sources. We just know Cadavo's men razed Delmonte's orchards, nothing else about his reputation, his usual MO, etc. Plus, I set the events in the order they appeared in the book: first Alcatani, then the eclipse, then the fight with Topolino. We have no evidence to show the order was any difference so this is the safest course.
      5. We do not know exactly when he first visited Lustria. We only know that sometime in the decade before 1944 he built his first settlement, and since he ran away in the short story that need not be the same event at all. Besides, as I said above, he might have prepared for the Southlands between his first visit and his first settlement, so who knows how long it took between both events. If you need to add dates to a paragraph that originally didn't have them, cite their specific sources right next to them, as they're usually in a different page.
      6. About "talking past the reader", it's alright to say we don't know how some open-ended plotline ended. In Calard d'Garamont, for example, the last novel ends with a final duel whose ending we never learn - but since Calard is alive in The End Times, he must have won. In the same way, we know Cadavo was getting ready to go to the Southlands, not how it went, so adding a line with no citations is fine as a clarification of why we leave that story unfinished.
      7. As for canon conflicts, you've done exactly the opposite of what you intended. You've given a definite number ("three separate occasions", "his 3rd expedition") and deleted the disclaimer where (even if readers don't care) we explain what GW messed up. It's far safer, and more professional, to say "at least three" and then explain what's wrong in footnotes like the Canon Conflicts section - because someone could come up with WHC: Lustria and say "hey, you got it wrong, this book says otherwise!"
      8. The same way we can't say for sure when Cadavo began his expeditions until some source gives us evidence for an exact date, we can't add "He's finally found by a passing vessel and returned at last to Sartosa" without a source that supports that claim.
      9. And last, but not least, what the hell is "Hoteks Column". None of the books mention it, the monument is always called "Obsidian Column" and it's marked like that in both 6th and 8th Ed maps. Again, adapting the style to match a past-tense, encyclopaedic summary is one thing, making up your own material is another. Better to check twice before posting than making others clean up after you.

      PS: The note on Zlaaq could probably work better at Mazdamundi's own article, when you work on adding events and such to it ^^

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    • 1. When you say Quotes do you mean "Quotes" or general pieces of lore?

      If its the former, I was just trying to make it more readable and fluent by adding the names of who was speaking or slightly adding in content exists elsewhere to frame it better.

      If you mean the latter, again, I'm mostly just trying to make it as readable and fluent as possible. Sometimes GW seriously goes overboard or overwrites it to the point where even I struggle to understand them.

      Other times I'm just trying to lay out the events as they happen. Somethines they write non-lineirly and dart back and forth. 

      I don't think I changed anything to the point where its no longer faithful, surely thats ok? I should also mention that you do this too, arguably more than me in some cases.

      2. I appologise if I misspelled anything, I often return to double check so I will fix them. as for "Amazonians", Amazons is the name of the race, and the name of a river, "an amazonian" is a person of said race. I suppose I could have said "a woman of the amazon" but then, wouldn't that conflict with your complaint No.1? 

      3. thats a subjective point and it looks alot better on mobile IMO. I use bold to point to someone or something of importance that either doesn't have a page yet or is the name of the person/thing the page is about.  if thats not policy then I would argue it should be.

      4. No its not, its from the Alcitani backstory. I would not simply make stuff up, I took the direct quote of what he did to alcitani and expanded it to its logical conclusion. He lead scorched earth campaigns throught tilea and had a rivalry with other nobles as mentioned later. That's not made up, thats me explaining what happens.

      5. I was using your material there where you said "somewhere between the 1430s-40s.

      6. I agree with you, Like I said before, this is not a critizism Im leavying against you, I'm merely trying to point out how you are critisizing me for doing things akin to that when you do it yourself. I'm not making stuff up I'm merely trying to talk past the text or work the stories in order as you have done yourself.

      7. I did not to the exact opposite of what I intended, I have basically copy pasted what it says in sources other than the one that is contradictory.

      9. Sorry I named that Incorectly. Hoteks column is a Dark Elf settlement I think. Let me make the proper adjustments.

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  • Following the guidelines given in this this blog: The best possible local navigation bar, I would like to propose the following changes to the top-level navigation to make it more reader-centric. The changes are itemized below, but it might be easier if you edit the MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation page and replace the contents with the code block at the bottom and then use the Preview feature to test it out (just don't accidentally save the changes).

    1. Change "General" to "The World" and link to Warhammer World
    2. Remove the Most-visited articles item. This is no longer updated and is wrong.
    3. Change History to Historical Events and add a few more major events like Night of a Thousand Arcane Duels (can have up to 10)
    4. Move "Timeline" from under History to the second level, rename to "Timelines", link it to the category, and put links to 10 of the timeline articles under it (Beastmen, Elves, Lizardmen etc)
    5. Leave Heroes as it is? You can choose up to 10 here but it currently displays only the seven most popular (again, possibly incorrect)
    6. Under Geography, replace these with links to articles and categories of large geographical area or importance. (Having two "Old World" links is confusing.)
    7. Change Videogames to link to the category and remove the "more games" entry that links there now.
    8. Leave Races as is, it's great.
    9. Change "Want to help us?" to "Community" and link it to Special:Community which is designed for this purpose.
    10. Remove the obsolete (yes?) Moderator Elections announcement.
    11. Consider moving the "Join the Crusade!" blog page to the section of Special:Community designed for it.
    12. Remove "Fill in the gaps" and "Write new articles" because these are covered by the Speical:Community page or the Add New Page button.
    13. Consider moving Add Sources to Special:Community as well
    14. Fix the broken links to the other wikis (done below)
    15. Move the Forum links under the Community tab and rename it to "Old Forums"

    This frees up an entire 7x10 navigation menu for additional links to important content as you see fit. Of course, feel free to substitute better or more appropriate pages or categories. I just picked ones that made sense to me.

    * Warhammer World|The World
    ** category:History|Historical events
    *** Age of Three Emperors
    *** Grand Ball of Sigridschlosse
    *** Night of a Thousand Arcane Duels
    *** Night of the Black Waltz
    *** Night of the Restless Dead
    *** Plunder in the Jungle
    *** Scandal of the Shroud
    *** Winter of Woe
    *** Year of Woe
    ** category:Timeline|Timelines
    *** Bretonnian Timeline|Bretonia
    *** Dwarf Timeline|Dwarves
    *** Annals of the Black Tower|Dark Elves
    *** Book of Days|Elves
    *** Greenskin Timeline|Greenskins
    *** Imperial Timeline|Humans
    *** Chronicles of the Lizardmen|Lizardmen
    *** Skaven Timeline|Skaven
    *** Vampire Timeline|Vampires
    *** Wood Elf Timeline|Wood Elves
    ** #category-Heroes#
    ** category:Geography|Geography
    *** category:Cities|Cities
    *** Chaos Wastes
    *** category:Eastern Lands|Eastern Lands
    *** category:Southlands|Southlands
    *** category:New World|New World
    *** category:Old World|Old World
    *** category:Mystical Realms|Mystical Realms
    *** Albion
    *** Ulthuan
    *** category:Regions|Regions
    ** category:Videogames|Videogames
    *** #category# Age of Reckoning|Warhammer: Age of Reckoning
    *** Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide|Vermintide
    *** Warhammer: Vermintide II|Vermintide II
    *** Total War: Warhammer
    *** Total War: Warhammer II
    ** #|Specialist Games
    *** #category# Mordheim
    *** #category# Dreadfleet
    * category:Races|Races
    ** #|Forces of Order
    *** #category# The Empire|Empire
    *** #category# Bretonnia|Bretonnia
    *** #category# Dwarf|Dwarfs
    *** #category# High Elves|High Elves
    *** #category# Wood Elves|Wood Elves
    *** #category# Lizardmen|Lizardmen
    ** Forces of Chaos
    *** #category# Daemons|Daemons
    *** #category# Warriors of Chaos|Hordes of Chaos
    *** #category# Beastmen|Beastmen
    *** #category# Skaven|Skaven
    *** #category# Chaos Dwarf|Chaos Dwarfs
    ** #|Forces of Destruction
    *** #category# Greenskins|Greenskins
    *** #category# Dark Elves|Dark Elves
    *** #category# Ogre Kingdoms|Ogre Kingdoms
    ** #|Forces of Death
    *** #category# Vampire Counts|Vampire Counts
    *** #category# Tomb Kings|Tomb Kings
    * Special:Community|Community
    ** User Blog:Aresius King/First Crusade of the Hammer - Users assemble|Join the Crusade!
    ** #category# Sourceless|Add sources!
    ** Special:Forum|Old Forum
    *** Board:Guidelines_and_Rules|Guidelines & Rules
    *** Board:News_and_Announcements|News & Announcements
    *** Board:Questions_and_Answers|Q&A
    *** Board:Fun_and_Games|Fun & Games
    ** #|Our wikis
    ***|Age of Sigmar [ENG]
    ***|WH Fantasy [SPA]
    ***|Age of Sigmar [SPA]
    ***|WH 40k [SPA]
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    • Gotcha. Did you tell this to MrParaduo already? Either case I'm asking him to have a look at your suggestions ^^ Most of these I agree, some I think should be discussed, specially on the usefulness/visibility of Special:Community instead of the main navigation bar...

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    • He said I should message the admins individually, so four of you got the same post :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Oh hey, I've heard that Gamesworkshop is reviving Warhammer Fantasy due to the popularity of Warhammer Total War.

    It would be cool if we can annouce it at the button right like we did with others. There are some in here that advocate spreading the good news. This is big for the fantasy community!

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  • Please see this discussion and let me know what you think.

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    • What was wrong with the original template, if I may ask?

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    • The old style infoboxes do not display well on all devices, so this new one will look just like the old one and should work on all phones. I just continued the work started by Grey Knight Dante a while back and finished the conversion.

      The second demo I did just for fun so it would match the other boxes on the wiki, but the fancy border gets stripped off on some mobile devices so it's not a serious option (unless you want it to be :D )

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi! My name is Moviesign, and I’m the Fandom Wiki Manager for Warhammer Wiki. I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, styling, templates, etc., please contact me on my message wall / talk page. —Moviesign (talk) 18:46, May 7, 2019 (UTC)

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  • I am currently working and going to school and I've tried to get back to finish the End TImes pages, but the last part of the page is simply too much for me. Do you think you can assign someone to finish it? As far as consistency goes, the only thing the guy has to do is to simply summarize (as much as possible) the last book End Times: Archaon into the last section of the page. I've categorized everything in the proper timeline from start to finish so there is no longer any book that overlaps in terms of timeline.

    If you can get someone to do it, that would be really helpful. I'll probably stop by and tidy it up when its finished. Best wishes.

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    • We're all quite busy right now too, but I'll see if anyone can take up the burden ^^

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    • A FANDOM user
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