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  • Welcome aboard Aise! Glad to see you're working on the miniature galleries ^^ Keep on with it, but please follow these guidelines so that they work the same in the whole wiki:

    • Make a "Miniature" gallery for miniatures, and a "Gallery" one for illustrations that don't have enough room in the rest of the article. Don't mix them up! Check Rat Ogre to see what I mean =)
    • Always make your galleries "slideshow galleries". It's the button just right to the "normal gallery" one. Set them to be 500px wide and center them.
    • Never re-upload pictures, please. Throgg already had the front view of the miniature, so uploading a new picture of it was unnecessary.
    • When naming pictures, I always follow this pattern: [Unit name] [Faction] [Edition] miniature.jpg (or illustration.jpg). So I renamed the back view of Throgg to "Throgg Warriors of Chaos 8th Edition Miniature back.jpg". That way Google (and other editors) can find them more easily =)
    • It's better if you show the miniatures from newer (8th Edition) to older (1st, Warmaster, etc.).
    • As for the captions, normally only the Edition in which they came out is enough. If you want to differentiate several miniatures of the same edition, it's okay to point out why too (like with the Rat Ogres' weapons in 4th Edition).

    That's all. If you find it too complex, please ask any questions - we'll be happy to help!

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