Cadavo Dogs of War 5th Edition illustration

El Cadavo, Estalian mercenary general

The Mercenary General is a bold adventurer and hard-bitten campaigner. He fights for money, for conquest and for the love of battle. This gallant figure leads the Dogs of War in pursuit of victory and plunder![1a]


Most mercenary generals in the Old World are human. Of these, most are Tilean. A number are also from The Empire. Numerous mercenary generals also come from Araby, a land of constantly warring Sheikhs and Emirs. Kislev and Norsca produce mercenary generals infamous for their cruelty. Very few Bretonnians ever become mercenary generals. A few dishonourable knights and particularly ambitious peasants are the only mercenary leaders that country has produced.[2a]

There are also some notable greenskin mercenary generals. Most are orcs who tend to lead armies of barbaric creatures such as other greenskins and ogres. It is also rumoured that several hobgoblin mercenary generals are roaming the Old World. They were most likely sent forth by the mighty Hobgobla-Khan, or else rebelled against him and fled his empire.[2a][2b]

Few Ogres live long enough to reach the rank of mercenary general. However, those who do are terrifying indeed. A brutal and warlike race, the simple presence of an Ogre general may be enough to intimidate an enemy army into fleeing. Like Orcs, Ogre generals tend to lead mercenary companies consisting of greenskins and other ogres.[2b]

There are very few Dwarf mercenary generals. Most are too bound by the ties of clan and hold loyalty to consider becoming a mercenary. Those who are must be some sort of outcast from their society.[2a]

Similarly, most Elven mercenary generals are exiles of some sort. For example, a few were shipwrecked in the Old World and are unable to return home. Most Old Worlders are unaware of the differences between High Elf and Dark Elf mercenaries, which sometimes leads to disastrous consequences.[2b]


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