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“It's the hero's job to die gloriously; it's my job to get paid.”
Marcello Finetti, Tilean Mercenary.[1b]


War never ends in the Old World and that means there is always need for fighting men. While the Empire does maintain a standing army, its strength is bolstered with Mercenaries.


Nobles and rich Merchants also hire such fighters to protect their interests, many having what amounts to private armies. Mercenaries range from wild youths with a taste for adventure to grizzled professional soldiers who’ve seen a dozen battles or more. These sell-swords come from all over, though Tilea is particularly famed for its regiments. All Mercenaries dream of untold riches; for most of them, the reality is an early death and an unmarked grave.[1a]

Mercenaries by Nation

  • Araby: The horsemen of Araby are widely considered to be among the best in the world (though Kislevite horsemen might disagree). Most Arabyan mercenaries who travel to the Old World arrive without mounts, but they can serve as cavalry if equipped by their employers.[2a]
  • Border Princes: Mercenaries are the mainstay of Border Prince armies, travelling from across the Old World to make their living. Native Border Prince mercenaries typically fight as the core troops of an army.[2a]
  • Empire: The Empire's mercenaries are adventuring ruffians armed with a wide assortment of weapons. These men form free company regiments in the Empire's armies, or travel to the Border Princes when there are no wars to fight at home.[2a]
  • Estalia: Estalian mercenaries are skilled swordsmen with hot tempers. Because they don't cooperate well with other mercenaries, Estalians are often hired in smaller groups and given special objectives to handle on their own. They perform well at this role.[2a]
  • Kislev: Bravery and resilience are the qualities sought by the employers of Kislevite mercenaries. These men are often hired to bolster standing armies against Chaos threats. Kislevite horsemen, however, are loyal only to their own clans, and do not work as mercenaries.[2a]
  • Norsca: Norse mercenaries are considered too unreliable for regular use, because they sometimes disregard orders in the heat of battle. Nevertheless, Norse mercenaries are occasionally employed for intimidation value.[2a]
  • Tilea: Mercenaries are so common in Tilea that they are represented by guilds. Tilean mercenaries are known for their bargaining skills and have even switched sides during battles when offered more money by their opponents.[2a]


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