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Map of the Barbarian Kingdoms

The Menogoths were an ancient war-like tribe of Human barbarians populating the lands of what was once the province of Solland, and as such the Menogoths are the direct ancestors of that former province's people. Unlike the other tribes Sigmar united under his banner, the southern tribes such as the Menogoths were already in some state of peace and mutual cooperation, due in part because of their close proximity to the Greenskin-infested Worlds Edge Mountains as well as the fact that the Brigundians were the largest exporter of grain and foodstuff to the tribes of the Asoborns, Menogoths and Merogens.[1b]

When Sigmar returned from his quest to kill Skaranoak, the Kings of the Menogoths and Merogens were present in the ceremony where King Siggurd of the Brigundians swore alligeance to Sigmar, and in response, so too did the two southern Kings. The Menogoth king, Markus, was a shaven-headed swordsman with a lean, wolfish physique and suspicious eyes. His initial manner was cold, but when he saw the tusks Sigmar had taken from the Dragon Ogre, he was only too eager to obey Siggurd’s directive to swear a sword oath with Sigmar. The four kings crossed their blades over Skaranorak’s tusks, and sealed their pact with an offering to Ulric that was witnessed by the priests of the city. After three nights of feasting and drinking, King Markus of the Menogoths and Henroth of the Merogens departed for their own kingdoms, for the Orcs were on the march, and they had battles of their own to win.[1c]

Like their close allies, the Merogens, this alliance spelt the survival of the Menogoths, for not long after, their kingdom was invaded by the greatest horde of Greenskins to have entered the Old World to that date. By the time Sigmar had mustered the hosts of his fellow kings to march south-east, the lands of the Merogens and Menogoths were all but overrun, their kings besieged in their great castles of stone. Orcs roamed the lands with impunity and laid waste to the lands of men.[1d] Yet Sigmar and the united tribes drove back the first Greenskin invasion and at the First Battle of Black Fire Pass the Merogens and Menogoths fought together as brothers, a relationship which endured until the days when the Menogoths were finally eradicated and their lands were given over to their friends as safe keeping, in honor of their trust and friendship. Despite the hardships, after the Battle of Black Fire Pass, the Merogens were proud founding members of the Empire.[1e]


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