"Lady Liselle, why do you not introduce your beautiful companion to the rest of us? We are all ab-so-lute-ly dying to make his acquaintance."
Lady Melissa.[1a]

Lady Melissa was an asur noble that was introduced to Tyrion by the prince's cousin Liselle during a Lantern Party in XI 10. Described as having very long lashes, and eyes of a very pale grey, she was the picture of grace in her ballgown, gliding the way she did across the floor. She would make the mistake of indirectly mocking Teclis, saying how twins were unusual among Elves, with Liselle explaining offhand how unusual twins are among any elves. She would imply certain "fertility rituals" were utilised, and when Tyrion mentioned his father being a mage, the maiden sniggered. In this, Tyrion would embarrass the gossip by asking what was so funny. Indeed, he stepped into the maiden's personal space and whispered the question again in her ear, all while smiling to her friends - watching from afar - flustering Melissa as the prince changed the dynamic between the three.[1a]

It would be Liselle who explained what Melissa was "indelicately" trying to imply, that Tyrion's parents used certain forbidden magics, or been involved with certain "forbidden cults", just as Melissa was at first hinting that twins are rare among Asur, but not among Druchii. "She likes to think she has a subtle wit". Liselle further explained why Melissa would think such, saying how there were certain rumours in Lothern, there always were given the city's nature.[1a]

Later that same night, Tyrion would overhear a girl call him an animal. In spite of what happened, however, he thought he heard Melissa counter said-girl by saying "But a rather beautiful one". And so it would be that Tyrion theorized the rules of this "game" the nobles took pleasure in, that to win "points", one had to upset the other.[1a]


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