The Meadow Glades are located in the southern part of Athel Loren, between the river and the mountains. Here, the trees are often sparse, opening out into broad clearings of meadow grass. It is a place where wild horses roam and rare unicorns may be seen.[1a]

The Kindred of Equos, who were master horsemen and horse breeders, settled here when they migrated from the coastal colonies. They brought with them their Elven steeds and mares and let them loose in the meadow glades. They could not bear to take ship to Ulthuan with the last remaining warriors because it meant leaving behind so many fine horses. Instead they led their herds eastward into the wilderness. These were the ancestors of the Elven steeds which the Wood Elves now ride. They kindred of Equos provide all the charioteers and horsemen of Athel Loren.[1a]


  • In later editions, Wood Elves no longer use chariots, though it is unclear if chariots are used at all in Asrai culture.


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