Maximillian von Klaus was an Empire Knight and Politician who served as Grand Master of the Order of the Blazing Sun and Mayor of Stuttburg.[1a]


In his younger days, von Klaus had been a mighty warrior. Rising through the ranks of the Order of the Blazing sun, he eventually became that order's Grand Master. In his own reckoning, he was the finest Grand Master in the order's history.[1a]

One great success he had was at the Battle of Schrolnetz Plain in 2465, where he lead an army against the vampire Antoine von Carstein. However, von Carstein was not killed, and swore his revenge upon von Klaus and the Empire.[1a]

After retiring from the knightly order, von Klaus moved to the town of Stuttburg, where he became mayor. However, in 2505, von Carstein attempted to make good on his oaths, launching a second invasion of the Empire, his prize being Stuttburg.[1a]

The outcome of the Battle of Stuttburg, and thus Maximillian von Klaus's fate, is not known. However, even if he did survive the battle, it is not likely that von Klaus, already elderly and arthritic in 2505, survived to the present year of 2522.


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