Hoffer is an imposing man, over six feet tall and rangy, but packed with corded muscle. He has dark hair, blue eyes and a scar runs down the left side of his lower jaw. As the leader of the Ordo Fidelis in Middenheim, he came to hear that a group of strangers was asking questions about his fallen comrade Kroen, and set out to discover who they are and what they are doing. He initially distrusts the strangers; the Ordo Fidelis is a secretive organisation, and does not like to be investigated.[1a]

While fighting against Chaos in the army of Altdorf, Hoffer became a devout follower of Sigmar, and entered the priesthood. His background and fighting prowess caught the attention of the Ordo Fidelis, and after proving himself on several missions against the followers of Chaos, he was recruited and trained as a witch hunter.[1a]


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