Before he became a physician, Matthias Gruener first worked as a butcher's apprentice. Matthias was fascinated by the marbling of muscles and tendons, and began studying the way limbs were assembled, dissecting pork loins and turkey legs to understand them better. Finally, after his master gave him a sound beating for destroying a good leg of lamb, Matthias realised his calling lay elsewhere. He found an old surgeon whose hands shook from drink, but whose eyes and mind were still sharp. By supplying the doting surgeon a regular supply of alcohol, Matthias slowly began to learn the medical trade. Soon Matthias had hung up one bloody apron for another, and traded his cleaver for a scalpel. During the Storm of Chaos, he joined the baggage train of General Otto von Reichart, and won renown for his surgical skill with the successful amputation of the general's leg after the fiasco of Grim Hill. Today, Matthias is considered one of the finest surgeons in the Empire, his services sought by the highest noblemen in the land.[1a]


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