Mathieu Rossereux was the fourth, and perhaps the greatest Lord of Christofains.


As the fallen hero Thierry Rossereux lay in convalescence, his son, Mathieu nursed the dying man. The young knight was impressed with the need to restore his family's honour by completing their ancestral quest for the Mortais Amulet.[1]

There are few other tales that can match the telling of Mathieu's exploits. he was both fearless and gallant. He slew the Giant, Guistom on one bloody summer's day in Brionne. Upon a snow covered bridge in the Massif Orcal, he bettered the vampiric Red Knight, who forswearing the vows of chivalry, soaked his armour in the blood of his victims. He was swept into the sky as he clung to the blade firmly lodged between the shoulders of an immense Wyvern. And all this as a Knight Errant, before he even asked for the right to gain his spurs.[1]

He finally became a Knight of the Realm as a result of his service to Baron Gaspard le Maida, under whose determined leadership he participated in a daring raid on Skavenblight. Of over three hundred knights who set out, Mathieu was one of the "Valiant Thirty-Two" who returned. Their bold ride was said to have accounted for the loss of over two thousand of the disgusting Skaven, and resulted in the destruction of the Plague Monk's dark monastery at Skreek, whilst Mathieu himself separated Stormvermin Warlord Snattermurk's head from his gristly neck.[1]

Amidst the maelstrom of Mathieu's activity, his son arrived. He named the child after his heroic ancestor, Gaston Rossereux, and marriage soon followed his courtship of Duke Poinardy of L'Anguille's daughter, Fleurisse. But inevitably, like those before him, there came a day when his wife became a widow and his son fatherless. Mathieu was lured into the The Vaults with news that the fabled Mortais Amulet was in the hands of a Hermit Knight. Instead it was an ambush, an act of vengeance by the Stormvermin of Clan Pestilens. As he rode upon a rocky path the ground beneath him collapsed, and he was plunged into one of the ratmen's warrens. In the ensuing combat, he created a pile of bodies so great that he could clamber out of the trap, and regain the surface. But he had been poisoned by a tainted blade and it was one fight he could not win...[1]

With Mathieu's death the quest for the Amulet of Mortais passed on to his son, Gaston II.[1]


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