"As it was, the tactical and strategic brilliance of Count Martin of Stirland won the day at Hel Fenn… It is every worthy general's dream to be able to carry out this classic battlefield tactic with the same bravura, courage, and skill that Stirland did on that fateful day in Sylvania."
Grandmarshall Blucher von Vincke, The Empire at War[1a]
Martin Stirland

Martin of Stirland.

Martin was the Elector Count of Stirland around 2145 IC.


Martin is best known for commanding the Imperial force that defeated Mannfred von Carstein at the Battle of Hel Fenn. Not only did his sound strategy lead to the victory of the Imperial army, but he also personally slew von Carstein in single combat.[1b]

Following his great victory, he was proclaimed a hero of the Empire. Statues in his honour can still be seen today. His victory also lead to the annexation of Sylvania into his province of Stirland. He did this uncontested partially because it was thought that he deserved it, and partially because no other count wanted the responsibility of watching over the land of the Vampire Counts. Martin lived out the rest of his years a well-respected elector count.[1b]


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