Baron Marcel of Parravon.

Baron Marcel of Parravon was a Bretonnian Lord who led an expedition into Lustria, founding the great coastal settlement of Bregonne near the Temple-City of Tlaxtlan, to the southeast of the River Amaxon.[1a]


Even as a youth, Marcel was well known for his thirst for exploring the unknown. His Knight's quest took him deep into the unexplored regions of Massif Orcal.[1c]

In the year 2510 IC[1a], once he had inherited his father's wealth and holdings, Baron Marcel equipped three great ships[1c] and sailed along with his entire household for Lustria, a mysterious land that had always fascinated him, guided by a Norse map.[1a] He was prepared to defend his new domain against any foe.[1c]

Unlike so many others, his galleons sailed safely across the turbulent seas of the Great Western Ocean, and made landfall near the Temple-City of Tlaxtlan. Once ashore, the Bretonnian commoners busied themselves by building villages and fortifications, and ploughing fields to feed the nobility.[1a]

Baron Marcel and his Knights, lacking foes to fight and finding Lustria somewhat too hot for tournaments, explored the deep jungles and found many abandoned temples and shrines. They uncovered many treasures from the tombs of Saurus heroes and Skink scribes. But the most prized discovery was a burial chamber of an ancient Mage-Priest. The venerable Slann was bedecked with golden artefacts of stunning craftsmanship. Impressed beyond words, Marcel ordered his men to carry the treasures to his fort.[1a]

Unfortunately, amongst the treasures were glyph plates of great importance to the Lizardmen, artifacts left by the enigmatic Old Ones. With his mystical powers, Lord Klaqulxol of Tlaxtlan detected the disappearance of the holy objects from their resting place. After long meditation, the venerable Mage-Priest ordered the treasures to be returned to the great pyramid of Tlaxtlan, using force if necessary.[1a]

Because of the constant danger of the Dark Elf invaders, Klaqulxol decided that only a small force could be spared for this mission. He gave this task to Quatl, a trusted leader of Saurus Warriors who had proven his value during the long years of bitter warfare. He was to raid the Bretonnian keep and recover the artefacts.[1b]

Quatl performed the rites of Sotek, his totem god, and left Tlaxtlan at the head of a small force of Lizardmen. Marching by night and using the jungle as cover, he completely evaded the Bretonnian lookouts. After two weeks of travel, the Lizardmen reached the fort of Baron Marcel. Biding his time, Quatl waited until night fell. He then sent his Skinks swimming across the moat to scale the walls.[1b]

This worked perfectly, and the small Lizardmen quickly overpowered the Men-at-Arms that were on guard duty. They then scuttled to open the gates and lower the drawbridge for Quatl and his Saurus. These stronger Lizardmen then broke the door of the treasury and after a frantic search they recovered the holy objects and Quatl distributed them amongst his followers. As the Knights stirred from their sleep, Quatl and his troops rushed out through the gates and disappeared into the night.[1b]

The horns of the fort called the Bretonnians to arms, and Baron Marcel quickly divided his Knights into two regiments. One, led by his faithful henchman Etienne, was sent to pursue the Lizardmen. He personally led the rest of the Knights, and galloped off to outflank and intercept the Lizardmen before they could reach the jungle, where the heavy cavalry could not pursue.[1b]

The enemy warband crossed the village of Bregonne as the sun rose, attacking the peasants that had grabbed their weapons and gathered at the main square. Hoping to buy time to reach the jungle before the cavalry caught up with his forces, Quatl ordered a regiment of the mighty Saurus Warriors to turn back and intercept the pursuing Knights, putting his trust on his own strong right arm to punch through the feeble line of peasants facing him.[1b]

The outcome of the battle is unknown.


Marcel of Parravon wore heavy armour, rode a barded Bretonnian warhorse and carried a sword, a lance and the magical Enchanted Shield, an heirloom of his house.[1c]


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