Baron Marcel of Parravon.[1]

Baron Marcel of Parravon was a Bretonnian Lord who led an expedition into Lustria, founding the great coastal settlement of Bregonne.


Even as a youth, Marcel was well known for his thirst for exploring the unknown. His Knight’s quest took him deep into the unexplored regions of the Massif Orcal. Once he inherited his father's wealth and holdings, Marcel equipped three great ships and sailed across the ocean to Lustria, a land that had always fascinated him. Building villages, forts and castles, he was prepared to defend his new domain against any foe.[1]


In the year 2510 of Imperial reckoning, Baron Marcel along with his entire household, left the shore of Bretonnia and set sail for Lustria, guided by a Norse map.[1]

Unlike so many others, Marcel’s Galleons sailed safely across the turbulent seas of the Great Western Ocean, and made landfall near the city of Tlaxtlan. Once ashore, Marcel’s commoner levies busied themselves by building villages and fortifications, and ploughing fields to feed the nobility.[1]

Baron Marcel and his knights, lacking foes to fight and finding Lustria somewhat too hot for Tournaments, explored the deep jungles and found many abandoned temples and shrines. They uncovered many treasures from the tombs of Saurus heroes and Skink scribes. But the most prized discovery was a burial chamber of an ancient Mage-Priest. The venerable Slann was bedecked with golden artefacts of stunning craftsmanship. Impressed beyond words, Marcel ordered his men to carry the treasure to his fort.[1]

Unfortunately, amongst the treasures were glyph plates of great importance to the Lizardmen, artifacts left by the enigmatic Old Ones. With his mystical powers, the Mage-Priest Klaqulxol detected the disappearance of the artifacts and led an army towards Marcel’s fort in an attempt to reclaim them.[1]

The Lizardmen were able to approach the fort under cover of darkness, and overpower the Men-at-Arms on guard duty. Opening the Fort’s gates and allowing the Saurus warriors in, they pillaged Marcel’s treasury and made off with the artifacts, just as the Baron and his knights began to awake.[1]

The horns of the fort called the Bretonnians to arms, and Baron Marcel quickly divided his knights into two regiments. One, led by his faithful henchman Etienne, was sent to pursue the Lizardmen. Marcel personally led the remaining knights, galloping off to outflank and intercept the Lizardmen before they could reach the jungle, where the heavy cavalry could not pursue...[1]


  • The Enchanted Shield - Marcel carried the magical “Enchanted Shield”, an heirloom of his house.


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