Wh dlc08 nor marauder ice wolves chariot
"With axe-flinging Marauders in tow, drooling and crazed Ice Wolves can pull chariots with overwhelming speed."
Marauder Ice Wolf Chariots.[1]

Marauder Ice Wolf Chariots are a variant of the Chaos Chariot pulled by Ice Wolves and used by the Marauder tribes in warfare.[1]


The Marauder Warwolves Chariot is an interesting take on the standard war chariots commonly used by the Northmen and other Warriors of Chaos. The same spike-laden chassis gives it a similarly devastating impact on the charge, but instead of being pulled by destriers, it is pulled by brutish Warwolves. This gives the chariot several advantages – firstly, the swift, muscle-built beasts enable the chariot to move faster over short distances. Also, unlike horses, Warwolves are natural killers in their own right – bloodthirsty animals concerned only with biting and tearing at enemy flesh. This makes the Warwolves Chariot a truly scary prospect up close; snapping, slobbering jaws await any who engage the charioteers in melee.[1]


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